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  • Free SIA Licence Training

    Jun 21, 13 • 20981 Views • Career Advice, CCTV Operations, Door Supervisor, SIA LicenceNo Comments

    It is actually possible to get your SIA Licence for free if you are currently unemployed and living in the London area. “Free 2 Learn” have been offering free SIA training on their popular security training courses for Door Supervision and CCTV for a...

  • SIA Licence close protection officers

    The role of a Close Protection Officer

    Jun 11, 13 • 16973 Views • Career Advice, Close Protection OfficerNo Comments

    It is important to know the facts if you are interested in becoming a close protection officer. Unfortunately, with society’s obsession with celebrity, Hollywood films and other influences, the idea of what it means to work in close protection has been...

  • SIA CCTV Course Training

    What does a CCTV Operator actually do?

    Jun 10, 13 • 14765 Views • Career Advice, CCTV OperationsComments Off on What does a CCTV Operator actually do?

    Many may think that the job involves sitting in front of TV’s all day watching the world go about its business. This of course is just a misconception. There are various types of CCTV operative roles. From guarding premises with onsite CCTV cameras, to...

  • Fight or Flight for Security Guards

    Jun 6, 13 • 5412 Views • Career Advice, Security GuardComments Off on Fight or Flight for Security Guards

    A part of the job being a security guard means being faced with confrontation. This will come with a varying degree of threat, which with the proper training you will hopefully be prepared. However, sometimes the body will overcome the training and react in...

  • What is the SIA?

    Jun 1, 13 • 10188 Views • SIA LicenceNo Comments

    The Security Industry Authority is an organization that was set up to oversee and regulate the private security industry within the UK. The aim of the organization has been to ensure a standardized approach of training and work practices for what is now a...

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    SIA Training and Beyond

    Mar 11, 13 • 11454 Views • TrainingNo Comments

    Type SIA training or security training provider into Google and you will find pages upon pages of results. Search specific to the type of SIA training you want, in your local area. The best advice we can give is not to rush into booking your security training...