Unexpected Threats – Why A Security Guard Must Keep Alert At All Times

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This recent news story helps demonstrate why it is important for a security guard to remain alert to even the most unexpected of threats.

Security guard Andy Stringer, 33, from Hornchurch Essex recently stepped in to prevent an 80 year old woman being conned by two other women asking her for directions. It all took place outside the Tesco branch where he works on Hornchurch Road.

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Tesco secuity staff Neil Connelly and his manager Andy Stringer in front of the store in Hornchurch Road, Roneo Corner

Using a map and bunch of flowers the two women attempted to distract the 80 year old, while allegedly trying to swap her bank card with another.

Mr Stringer said: “It’s disgusting that thieves target vulnerable people – they wouldn’t target someone like me.”

The victim who remains anonymous, said that one of the con-women asked for a pen and paper, while the other “pushed” a bunch of flowers in her face to cause further distraction.

Mr Stringer kept a close eye on all of this as it unfolded. It was then that he saw one of the women exchange the victim’s purple Natwest bank card, which she was still holding, with a similar card.

The women were then detained and the police were called. On viewing the shop’s CCTV, it was evident that the security guard’s suspicions had been correct. The police arrested the suspected thieves, while the victim was comforted in the store with tea and cake.

The woman told the Romford Recorder: “Needless to say I was quite shaken and was very grateful for the support and kindness with which I was treated by Tesco staff.”

Mr Stringer said “looking after customers and protecting them – that I really love. I have made a difference to their lives.”

His awareness of the situation and actions that he took are highly commendable, and have stopped a pair of local scam artists in their tracks.

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