Self Defense Training For Security Guards & Door Supervisors

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When working as a security guard or door supervisor you should always be prepared for the unexpected. You can never be sure when or how an incident may occur, however you do need to have the training and experience to react the right way when it does.

One way you can be develop your own skills and be able to handle situations of greater severity, is to take self defense training.

The beauty of self defense training for security guards and door supervisors is that it will make you better at your job. Not only will you be able to take care of yourself and those around you with increased skill, you will also have more confidence in the knowledge that you have those skills should the time come that they need to be used.

To stay safe, you are advised to continue your training through out your security career. Here are some ways you can develop your knowledge and training in the area of self defense.


Martial Arts Training

Martial Arts are an extremely popular form of self defense. There are many courses and training centres through out the U.K that provide classes on a wide range of martial arts.

It goes without saying that to know any kind of martial arts is a fantastic way for a security guard or doors supervisor to look after themselves. It also looks great on the CV.

And even if it is not the sort of training you can use while on the job, (Martial Arts using a Karambit Knife for instance), the skills, fitness and dexterity you gain from the training is still important.

If you do take a martial arts class, it is a good idea to speak to the instructor about the type of defense that is available for security guards.

This is because the needs of a security guard / door supervisor go beyond just self defense. You will want to know how to apprehend a person too. There will certainly be tactics that can be employed to do this.


Start Your Martial Arts Training Early

The sooner you can begin your martial arts training, the better. If possible, as soon as you decide to become a security guard or door supervisor you should sign up for some self defence training to complete alongside your normal SIA training.

As we have already mentioned, adding martial arts training onto your CV will certainly look good in the eyes of the recruiter. If you are a working door supervisor or security guard and you have taken any MA training before, it is never too late to start. Your employment prospects within the security industry will certainly improve as a result.


Training Through Your Employer

There is often scope to continue your training through your employer. If you are part of a larger security recruitment company, get in touch with the consultant that deals with your employment. The company may have relationships with local training providers, or know of courses that are taking place, or even offer the further training themselves.

Even if the company you work for does not provide training, it is likely that they will still have resources to offer you as a security guard. It never hurts to ask, and you will certainly get brownie points for being pro active in the first place.

If enough people come forward to ask about further self defence training, the company may arrange for it to happen in response to the interest. At the end of the day, safety should always be a main concern for the security guard and door supervisor, and the same goes for those that employ them.

Studying Self Defense Tactics

If you are unable to get on a course, or are waiting for one to begin, it does not stop you from doing your own research and study.

The internet is a haven of information on self defense tactics. There are tutorials, DVDs and downloadable ebooks, on all areas of martial arts.

Once you start looking, you will find that self defense tactics are everywhere. Furthermore, there is often no right or wrong approach when it comes to protecting yourself and or the people you are employed to protect.

A security guard or door supervisor can never be certain when a criminal intent on causing harm will face them.

There may also come a time when someone who is much larger than them confronts them.

The simple truth is, most criminals do want to be caught. They will fight you to avoid arrest. The big question is: will you be prepared?

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