Security Guarding: Gated Communities and Residential Apartments

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Within large cities such as London and Manchester, security-guarding opportunities exist within gated communities and expensive residential apartments.

More than anything, security in these circumstances is to provide peace of mind for those that have paid high purchase prices for their apartment, or that pay astronomical rents to actually live there.

Such people are also likely to have expensive items within their home, so the added aspect of manned front desk security is something they are will to pay extra for.

So what does that mean for a security guard working in such an environment?

Let’s take a look…

The owner of this apartment will expect top notch building security

The owner of this apartment will expect top notch building security

Working as a Security Guard of Residential Property

Generally it will be the property managers that are in charge of your employment, or have sourced you from whatever agency you work for.

Unfortunately many such management companies pay little time to implement a comprehensive security plan for their property.

Leaving you to work things out for yourself. If this is the case, you need to speak up.

If the property manager has little idea on how to incorporate security planning into the daily routine of property management, they need to made aware of the importance, and make the necessary changes.

Providing adequate security for rental housing should be taken seriously, and is a key aspect in the prevention of crime upon the property.

The police as we know are stretched thin within the major cities of the U.K. Manned guarding very much helps in this regard.


A Residential Security Plan

A good security plan will be fully integrated into the daily management routine.

The effectiveness of the security being carried out, will then act as deterrent to any bad residents, and criminal types that may have their sights on causing issue.

Any potential troublemakers will feel uncomfortable living or plying their anti-social trade in this highly attentive environment. And attention is the key issue here – your role as a security guard is to be the eyes of the operation.

Your attention will go a long way to preventing any criminal activity from taking place.

The Ten-Step Apartment Security Plan

So what are the ten steps of a successful Apartment Security plan?
  • Step – 1: Make a Commitment
  • Step – 2: Partnership with Law Enforcement
  • Step – 3: Security Management Training
  • Step – 4: Crime Risk Assessment
  • Step – 5: Physical Security Solutions
  • Step – 6: People Solutions
  • Step – 7: Policy and Procedure Solutions
  • Step – 8: Develop a Security Plan of Action
  • Step – 9: Community Involvement
  • Step-10: Maintain the Standards

There are many benefits to the successful implementation of a security plan. It will make your job as a security guard a whole lot easier for one.

Benefits include:
  • Crisis management due to frequent crime problems will become rare events.
  • High resident turnover due to fear of crime will return to normal. Maintenance costs due to vandalism and unit abuse will be substantially reduced.
  • Exposure to premises liability will be minimized. Occupancy levels will increase and stabilize at a desirable level.

Working in collaboration with the residential managers, if the above steps are followed, you will have a safer residential apartment, and you will be working in a border-line incident free environment.

Your tenants, and your managers will be all the happier for it.

[Source material for the 10 step apartment security plan comes from a very helpful article over at]

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