The Future of Roles Within The Security Industry

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Technology and the Future of Jobs in Security

We recently covered a story of how Microsoft is testing the use of robot security guards for their campus in California.

No longer the stuff of sci-fi films, it really does seem as if robots are able to replace humans in certain roles.

So what does this mean for those of you that are considering beginning a career as a security officer? Is passing your SIA training to be a security guard still worth it, or could you find yourself without a job in a few years time.

Well the truth is, we are still a long way off from a point were robots will completely replace a skilled security officer.


The K5 Security Guard Patrolling the Microsoft Campus

True, technology has had an impact on the security guard field with the likes of security scanners, and surveillance cameras. As a result, a few security positions will have been eliminated.

Where once a team of 8 security guards might have been required to secure a premises, now maybe only 5 are required.

However, the stepping up of efficiency due to the application of security-based technology still needs humans to operate them. In short, people will always be needed in the security industry.

There are just too many areas of the job that need to be overseen by a real person. Computers and electronics are not a threat to your overall future as a security officer.

cctv-outsourced jobs

Hang on, what about those Security Jobs that are being outsourced overseas?

This is something that you need not worry about. There have been reports of some CCTV surveillance equipment being operated remotely from as far away as India. New technology does make this possible.

However, there is no getting away from the fact it is far more efficient for a security guard and / or CCTV operator to be working and operating technology in the same place as the area it is securing.

What’s more, people will always need to hire a live person to secure the premises.

A security camera operated from a distance may be able to alert relevant authorities that an incident is underway, however someone will always need to be there to stop whatever is being done.

How can a remote worker from overseas react and stop a theft, vandalism, or arson from taking place from the other-side of the world. The truth is that they can’t.

future next exit

What can I do to make sure being Security Guard will be a safe job option in the future?

As we have covered above, technology and overseas workers are not going to replace you as a security guard anytime soon.

Training to become a security guard will always be worthwhile, and definitely worth the investment of time and money.

Whether guarding a specific person, a business establishment, or a single item; security guards, CCTV operators, door supervisors and close protection agents will always needed. They will need to be there on the ground where it matters, and they need to be a living, breathing person.

Under the circumstances of a prosperous society, new business are opening up all the time. These business will need to be kept secure.

Security has always been, and will continue to be an A1 priority for businesses of any size.

Retail establishments, hotels, apartment buildings, or government facilities are not going anywhere. These establishments will always need to be secure and guarded.

As a result, there will continue to be many jobs for security officers all over the world for a long time to come.

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