Essential Security Guard Equipment

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Every security guard should be correctly equipped for the job. Sometimes your employer will supply you with the security equipment you need, other times you will have to source the gear yourself. Either way, the following list is some highly recommended security guard equipment that you should definitely have access to when on your shift.

Flashlight / Torch

MaglightEvery security guard must carry a flashlight – it is one of the most important pieces of equipment available to you. Whether you are a day security guard or night, a flashlight is essential.

Certain situations will call for the use of extra light. A day security guard patrolling low light areas of a building for instance. A night guard will have endless reasons to operate a flashlight.

Furthermore, a flashlight can also be used for protection. Heavy duty torches used by security guards can be used as a striking device should a situation call for it. They are sturdy and will certainly be used to great effect in a combat situation.

As a security officer your best bet is to opt for a Maglite flashlight. They are durable, have a very bright light, and are extremely reliable.


black work bootsA good pair of security guard boots is another essential piece of security guard equipment, and all officers should ensure they have an adequate pair.

A security guard spends a lot of time on their feet. A good pair of boots can mean the difference between an uncomfortable shift with pain in your legs and feet, to one where aches and pains remain at bay.

A good pair of boots will last for a very long time. They will be waterproof for those that patrol outside locations and ultimately will keep your feet warm and comfortable.

Most security guard uniforms mean that a black pair of boots are the ones you should go for. However, it is wise to check with your employer first before investing in a pair.

Security Guard Belt

Security-guard BeltWe love the security guard belt, and it is yet another essential piece of security guard equipment that no officer should really be without. They are just so damn handy.

In fact, it would not be out of place to say that the utility belt to the security guard is the same as a stethoscope to a nurse or doctor; you couldn’t do your job properly without it.

A quality security guard belt, will be able to hold much of the equipment you will ever need, leaving you with your hands free to go about your day with ease.

The last thing a security guard needs to be doing in the middle of the situation is realise that his torch, or batton is left back at his desk. With the proper belt you will be ready for action whenever it occurs.

Mobile Phone

iphoneYour mobile phone is another essential piece of security guard equipment. You should purchase a strong durable type of phone, which is possible to operate quickly should you need to call the emergency services such as the police, ambulance or fire service.

Also, you should ensure that the phone has a decent enough camera, (all smart phones do these days), so that you are able to take pictures of a scene. These images could be essential evidence for a police investigation should that be the outcome of a situation you are involved with.

True, much conversation will be done via walkie-talkie, but these are no good for outside communication.

On the first day of any new job, you should ensure that your phone has all the important numbers you might need to carry out your role professionally and efficiently. Put such numbers on speed dial too.

Mini First Aid Kit

firstaidkitA mini-first aid kit is also an important piece of a equipment a security guard should aim to have.

This is so you can administer simple first aid to yourself, your peers and any other persons you are employed to protect.

For example, if you’re working in a retail environment, you will be surprised just how often a person will ask for a plaster. You do not want to waste time looking for one when approached, and you shouldn’t very well turn around and say no and do nothing about it.

Having a first aid kit will help you be a better security guard that is always prepared.

Suitable Clothing

heated vestYou may well be a security guard that works in cold and wet climates, (not hard if you live in the UK). If so you will know how difficult it can be to work in such conditions if you are not properly dressed.

Night shifts can be very cold if you are patrolling outside. A heated vest, warm jumper and waterproof overcoat are just some of the items of clothing you should consider having to keep warm while on the job. (Again, you would need to check with your employer so that anything you buy is in line with your uniform).

SIA Licence Badge Holder

badgeholderAnd finally, one must not forget to have a suitable SIA Licence badge holder. This is probably the most essential piece of security guard equipment in that you can not work legally without your licence on show. In short you have to have this.

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