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Security Guarding Security Guarding

security guard in public

Working as a security guard and the importance of good customer service

Mar 22 • 10657 Views • No Comments on Working as a security guard and the importance of good customer service

It is clear that the first role of a security guard is to protect the public and the property that they been assigned to. However, to think that is far as the...

Security Guarding: Gated Communities and Residential Apartments

Within large cities such as London and Manchester, security-guarding opportunities exist within gated communities and expensive residential...

May 11 • 5909 Views

Dealing With Trespassers as a Security Guard

It is important to know the law when it comes to dealing with trespassers as a security guard. The fact is, trespassing is not a criminal...

Feb 4 • 18311 Views

security searches

Security Guard Search Procedures

One aspect of the job that all security guards will have to conduct at one time or another is a security search. This will involve...

Feb 2 • 28809 Views

CCTV Operations CCTV Operations

CCTV control_room

The Ultimate SIA CCTV Licence & Training Guide

Mar 6 • 15228 Views • No Comments on The Ultimate SIA CCTV Licence & Training Guide

Obviously you have reached this page because you want to pass your SIA CCTV Training and apply for your licence to become a CCTV operator. Well we are pleased to say...

cctv used in court case

A CCTV Operator’s skills help Convict Sex Offender

A skilled CCTV operator managed to capture the image of a sex attacker, with the evidence used in court. Bikramjit...

Sep 4 • 7316 Views

cctv operator jobs

CCTV Operator Jobs – How to Find One

This article looks into the availability of CCTV operator jobs and where you should head to find the latest jobs...

Aug 24 • 7264 Views

In what circumstances does a SIA Licence for CCTV Operation apply?

A question that comes up all too often regarding the operation of CCTV cameras, is in what exact circumstances does a...

Jul 14 • 35167 Views

Door Supervisors Door Supervisors


Self Defense Training For Security Guards & Door Supervisors

Dec 3 • 13162 Views • No Comments on Self Defense Training For Security Guards & Door Supervisors

When working as a security guard or door supervisor you should always be prepared for the unexpected. You can never be sure when or how an incident may occur, however...

The 3 Most Important Tips All Bouncers Should Know

There are many guidelines that go towards being a good door supervisor. We recently published a top 10 list of tips to help you be a better...

Nov 19 • 5248 Views

door supervisor weight training - men_lifting_weights_in_gym

Weights, Gym and further Training for Bouncers and Door Supervisors

We all know that being a bouncer can be a very physical job at times. If you are working a crowded club or bar you will obviously need to...

Nov 17 • 8468 Views


Top 10 Tips to Being a Better Door Supervisor

We recently did an article on top 10 tips to being a better security guard. This has proven very popular so in response we felt, it was...

Nov 13 • 6289 Views

Close Protection Close Protection

Royal Close Protection Officers Under Investigation

Apr 19 • 7649 Views • No Comments on Royal Close Protection Officers Under Investigation

Even elite close protection officers find themselves under scrutiny from time to time. The elite armed police officers, (those that are trained to protect the Royal...

Fire Arm Training - Further SIA Training

Beyond the Close Protection SIA Training Course

In this article we are going to have a look at what courses are available to you, once you have passed the initial SIA...

Jul 5 • 7744 Views

Close Protection Companies

Finding a job as a close protection officer isn’t easy, however one of the best places to start is to research close...

May 16 • 20907 Views

Close Protection Training & the SAS

The SAS are probably the most infamous elite army regiment in the world. Standing for Special Air Service, the...

Feb 24 • 10981 Views