Working as a security guard and the importance of good customer service

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It is clear that the first role of a security guard is to protect the public and the property that they been assigned to.

However, to think that is far as the responsibility goes would be wrong. While on the job, most security guards will need to deal with the pubic face to face on a daily basis.

Because of this, it can be said that a security guard job and customer service go hand in hand. Understanding what good customer service is will only help make you a better security guard.

So let’s take a look at exactly what that means…

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The Customers Should always come first

As your job as a protector of people and property, the customer always has to come first. Whether that be your employer or merely a member of the public that happens to be within your protective jurisdiction.

You are employed as a security guard to ensure that the customer is safe and that no harm comes to them.

The nature of this relationship means that you will often find yourself chatting to them, polite conversation is all part of the job. They will talk to you, may ask for advice or directions and guidance, you need to be responsive to this.

By being helpful and ready to engage with your customers you will instil confidence in them and make them feel relaxed. In short, they will feel like they are in safe hands.

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Listening to The Customer

To follow on from the above point, you have to listen to the customer. During your shift as a security guard you will be asked questions and members of the public will expect helpful answers. You can only provide this if you listen to what it is they are after.

Listening is a major skill you will need to have in order to be successful as a security guard. The better you can listen to those around you, (both the public and your colleagues) the better you can help serve them.

Security-Guard-Training problem solving

Problem Solving

The nature of the job means that you run into some very interesting scenarios.

A working security guard may have to call the police for further investigation. You may also have to report what happened.

Before the police arrive you may be required to listen to several different “customers” at once. Your problem solving skills and ability to organise will be very useful here.

Communicating with the public and colleagues

Good communication skills are a vital part of any job these days – being a security guard is no different. If you can communicate well with your customers and colleagues, they and you will only benefit.

Communication is an important aspect of your job because it helps people do their job faster.

For example; in a situation where someone may have been hurt (and they need help right away), you can use your customer service and communication skills to ensure that they get help quickly and efficiently.

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Security Guards and Customer Service

When you embark on a career as a security guard you have to be prepared with customer service skills. As we have covered above, these skills include listening, communicating, and problem solving.

If a customer comes to you with a problem they may be upset and talking quickly and some times make little sense. At this point you will need to pull upon your skills to try and decipher what they are saying. You will need to use your communication skills to calm them down and obtain the vital information in order to help them.

You also need to be patient. If you work at building where there is a steady stream of people coming and going, (one of the worst scenarios is if your work location is set up as a collection point for a virtual postbox service; night or day you can expect people arriving to pick up parcels – I know because I have been there), no matter how tired you are you have to try and remain helpful.

If you can do this, you are on the road to being a great security guard.

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