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You have sent off your SIA licence application (along with the 220 odd pound to do so), and you are quite frankly rather anxious to get licensed. Understandable, you want to start job searching and nail that security officer job as soon as possible.

Well thankfully, the guys at the SIA have an online facility called the SIA licence Checker. Using this tool you can check the progress of your SIA licence application online, anytime of the day. While you are waiting for their decision on your licence, you can keep yourself updated on how far they are through the process by using the SIA Licence Checker.

sia licence cardsThere are several stages to the application process that the SIA licence Checker will help you review:

  • The SIA department of the Home Office will receive your application form pack
  • Your application form is entered into their system and then the process begins
  • The SIA will then run all the relevant qualifications, criminality and identity checks.
  • (With the new Post Office application process, identity checks can be completed in person)
  • The SIA department then makes a decision on whether they will grant you an SIA license or not.

The SIA state that this process, in around 80% of correctly submitted applications, should take only 25 working days.

Using the SIA Licence Checker

When you first click to login to check your application you will be taken through to the SIA secure server site. Here you will be asked to enter details relevant to your application.

What Information do I need to use the SIA Licence Checker?

The details that you will be asked to enable you to login to the checker are as follows:

  • Your application number (this is the most important piece of information for tracking your application progress, and will have been given to you on receipt of your licence application)
  • Surname
  • Forename
  • Date of birth
  • Middle name, if applicable

SIA Licence Checker Online

What will the SIA Licence Checker tell me?

The SIA licence checker will give you an ‘at-a-glance’ indication of your application progress in the licensing process. Where necessary the checker will also give you an exact explanation of what is happening. The SIA website cite the following descriptions as examples of the sort of update you may receive with regards to your application.

  • ”Your application was received on [DATE]. We are currently making sure you have provided all the information we need. We aim to process correctly completed applications within five weeks.”
  • “Your application was incomplete. A letter was sent on [DATE] which explains what information we require to resolve this. We have not taken payment for your application.”

Clearly, you do not want to be seeing the second comment. However, this does show that you will know if there has been an issue with your licence application, and the SIA will clearly state what that problem is.

The SIA licence checker will also be able to tell you whether the SIA have made a decision on your application, and what that decision is. If you have been granted a licence the Checker will be able to tell you what your licence number is and whether your licence has been dispatched.

When There Are Delays In The Progress Of Your Application

The actual application process begins from the moment your application has been entered into the system and will end when the decision has been made.

However, if during the process your application fails validation, the process stops will come to a stop. The most common reason for this is submission of an incorrect application form or failure of one of the security checks.

In most instances the application process runs smoothly. The SIA state that where any additional checks such as qualification enquiries and/or overseas criminal record checks have to be made, your application could take longer than 25 days.

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  1. Ngubho Khumalo says:

    Good morning…I did my security training in January and completed it within a week under Get Licenced.I passed my training and applied for a licence through sia.My concern is that till today I’m still struggling to get my licence.I wonder why it’s taking this long.Please help

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