How to renew your Licence

The SIA state that they will accept licence renewals up to four months prior to the expiry date of your current licence.

The new licence will begin from the point of expiry, no matter what date it is issued.

However, if you submit your licence application before the 4 month renewal period, it will be treated as a new licence application.

The SIA Renewal cost is currently £220.

Additional Training For Licence Renewal

The SIA states that additional training is only required if you are renewing a door supervisor licence and you have not attained one of the current licence-linked qualifications. (With this the SIA are referring to the qualifications introduced in Summer 2010).

If you are door supervisor and want to know more on whether you will need further training on renewal of your licence, you can head here.

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The Current SIA Licence Renewal Cost is £220

Ask your employer to renew your licence

In some circumstances your employer could be responsible for the renewing of your licence. The SIA have a facility that allows this to take place. By using the e-Renewals service, you can give your employer your permission PIN to complete the renewal application on your behalf.

Your PIN will be on the licence renewal letter you receive from the SIA.

Apply By Telephone

You can apply by telephone by calling 0844 892 1025. (Lines are open 8am until 8pm Monday-Friday).

The SIA will confirm your details over the phone. You will be asked to make a declaration and they will take a credit/debit card payment from you. The SIA state that the process takes about 15 minutes in which time they will complete standard security checks.

Important to Note
  • You can only use U.K Debit or credit cards for the telephone service
  • A photographic group A document must have been submitted as part of your original licence application.
  • Make sure the details you provide match the ones they have on file for you. Otherwise they will not be able to complete the application over the telephone.

The SIA Online Application Form

The SIA e-Fill service lets you fill in your application form online. You are then able to print it yourself or request that the SIA print it and post to your address. You must then sign and date the hard copy version of your application, and send it to the SIA along with any supporting documentation and payment.

Download the SIA guidance booklet: ‘How to fill in your SIA licence application form’

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