Security Guarding – How to Overcome the Slow Days

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There will certainly be days as a working security guard that time will seem to drag. If you start clock watching and you feel the hours are passing by at a snail pace, you are in danger of becoming bored and therefore complacent.

This is understandable, especially on a night shift. The night patrol for a security guard can be lonely and quiet, with many shifts passing by with little to distinguish them apart.

However, you cannot let this monotony impede what it is you are paid to do. As a security guard it is your responsibility to protect the property or person from theft and harm.

If you let the mundane working environment get to you, if become bored and unfocused, you will not be able to perform as a security guard when the time comes for you to act.

If you feel this is you, here are our top 5 tips to keeping on the ball, while working as a security guard on the slow days.

Security-guard walking

Keeping on your toes will help you stay alert

1. Keep Moving Around

By keeping on your toes and moving around you can physically stop yourself from boredom and tiredness.

The very act of moving will keep the blood flowing and the body and mind alert. A big mistake is to sit down for too long, especially on a night shift where you may be alone and therefore unsupervised – it is all to tempting to sit down for long periods of time. If you do this you will not be focused.

Walk around the premises at regular intervals. Remember that these intervals need to be staggered and random, so that any thief watching the premises can not plan to a specific schedule.

The time you are meant to walk around will be dependent on the job, however, even if you are only meant to do 3 patrols around the property per shift, you can still be on your feet as you man the front desk for instance. Just walking around your designated work area can make a big difference when it comes to maintaining concentration and focus.

And remember, you can always ask your colleagues or supervisor if you need to walk and ‘grab some air’ so to speak. By communicating with your peers and reacting properly if tiredness sets in, you will find yourself performing a lot closer to 100% than you would otherwise.

healthy food heart

A healthy diet will keep you mentally and physically in shape

2. Watch what you eat and Drink

Your diet is very important when it comes to alertness while working as a security guard. If you snack on chocolates throughout your shift, you will experience the short ‘high’ of increased blood sugar levels, followed by the lull that occurs afterwards. During this lull you can find yourself more tired than you would otherwise normally be.

High carbohydrate/ starchy foods (such as sandwiches or pasta) also have a similar affect. Carbohydrates are easy to burn, giving you a boost of energy followed by a lull.

And if you feast on large meal before heading to work, or on your break you will often feel a loss of energy immediately afterwards.

A good healthy diet is the best approach. Also, instead of putting a chocolate bar in your work-bag, take a banana instead. And if tiredness is really getting the better of you, it might time to go grab a coffee.

Overall however, if you eat sensibly you will find that your alertness will be maintained and the yawns kept at bay.

Security guard paperwork

Keep on top of your paper work throughout your shift

3. Take Care of Your Paper Work

As a security guard it is likely that you will have to fill out a report for every shift that you work.

Keep on top of this. The process of sitting down to complete your paperwork will help keep your mind focused on the days events.

It is a good idea to write the necessary updates throughout your working day, rather than leave it to the end. This way the details will be fresh and correct.

Furthermore, you can use the report as a way of breaking up the tasks of your day. Variation, even on a small level is enough to keep you focused and your mind on the job. The more you do throughout your day as a security guard, the easier it will be to keep the role from becoming monotonous.

Sleeping man

Being properly rested before you turn up for work is a must

4. What you do Outside of Work Matters

It stands to reason that if you turn up to work after a long day be active, (or worse still a long day drinking), you will not be able to perform your role as a security guard to the best of your ability. And if you are drunk, you will actually be breaking the law and could face being fired.

From a less dramatic perspective, merely coming to work overly tired will make the shift a whole lot more difficult to get through. Make sure you are properly rested before turning up to work. If you are ill and you think this will impede your ability to carry out your duties, do not be afraid to phone in sick.

If you are tired and under the weather it can be very difficult to get through a long shift. Use common sense and know your limitations. You will be a better security guard as a result.


Your boss is actually on your side – don’t be afraid to ask

5. Your Employers are on Your Side

Remember, your employer’s an/or supervisors are not stupid. They understand that the shift can be monotonous at times. They will often react kindly to any suggestions that you have that could help alleviate the problem and essentially help keep you and your colleagues alert.

Try asking if you are allowed to have a radio playing quietly in your work area. This can often help keep workers engaged.

Ask if you can take sometime to carry out some physical exercise, be it an extra patrol around the building, or simply taking 5 to do some push-ups or lunges in an area where you will not be disturbed.

If your building has a gym, see if the guards can get access to. Using your break to spend 45 minutes lifting weights and taking a shower will certainly get the blood pumping and make you ready for the remainder of your shift.

Bottom Line

It is of utmost importance that you stay awake and alert while you work as a security guard.

A situation can occur when you least expect it, and you will want your body and mind in tip -top condition to react in the correct way when it does. By following these 5 simple steps you will be better equipped to do so.

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