The Security Guard Job Interview – What The Interviewer is Thinking

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You are about to go to a security guard job interview. Wouldn’t it be great if you get inside the head of the interviewer to see what he or she is thinking. That would certainly help your chances of getting the job if you knew what they were looking for.

Well this article takes a peek inside the interviewer’s thought processes while they are sitting on the other side of the desk. Hopefully that will give you the head start that you need.

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Things to Consider When Hiring a Security Guard

There are few articles out on the web that use this title. On of them by Inside Business 360, has been retweeted and shared numerous times.

So we figured, if recruiters are looking up these articles before interviewing a security guard for a new job opening, it might be an idea if we looked into the kind of advice they were getting.

The fact is, the more you know and understand what your ‘future’ employer is thinking, the better you will be able to tailor your interview technique to nail that job.

Let’s dissect the article so we can help the person sitting in the hot seat of the interview, i.e you – the soon to be employed security guard.

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Interviewer’s Thought: What level of experience do they have?

This is a question a interviewer will have in the mind. Some of this information will be gathered from your CV. If you are at the interview and you have only just passed your SIA training, assuming you didn’t lie on your application, the interviewer must be happy to take on new SIA graduates. (Why else would they have asked you to come in?)

However, to make up for the lack of experience they will want to know more about you as a person, and what other experiences you have been through that could be applied to the role of a security guard.

Be prepared for questions such as, describe a time you found yourself in a conflict, what did you do to prevent the situation from escalating?

In the absence of on the job experience, they want to know that you have what it takes to be a security guard. Their questions will be tailored so they can find this out.

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Interviewer’s Thoughts: What do they look like?

Whether you like it or not, image counts for a lot these days and first impressions go a long way. You might not wear a suit very often, but it is a must at any job interview.

You need to look responsible. You also need to look physically fit. If you have put on a few pounds and are not as nimble or as strong as you once were, do your self a favour and wear clothing that will disguise the fact. Do not wear an ill fitting shirt that is tight around the belly or where you can’t do up the top button.

No interviewer is ever going to admit they refused to employ a security guard because they didn’t look physically right for the role, but do not be naive and think that they will not take it into consideration.

Be smart and on time – this represents responsibility. Act as confidently as you can given the circumstances, and also be polite. Shake hands firmly and greet them with a smile. If you get that bit right, your interview will be on to a great start.

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You don’t want to look like this guy going into your interview

Interviewer’s Thoughts: How Confident Do They Appear

We have briefly touched upon this above. You will want to turn up to your security guard interview looking confident. Whether you like it or not, your interviewer will be considering this.

Your job will be to guard people and property. You need to have a level of confidence to do this successfully.

If you are not physically imposing, then you will need confidence of character in times of conflict when working as security guard.

You also need to be confident in your ability to do the job. (With or without on the job security guard experience.) This will come across in the way you hold yourself, the way you answer the questions, the way you project your own dedication to the job.

The interviewer will want to know that you are dedicated to the position. That you will be able to stay alert, focus and can be relied upon. These are the characteristics the interviewer will be looking for when deciding to fill the security guard role.

Choosing a security guard is not something that can be done lightly. That’s why many companies use the services of a professional recruitment company.

Whether you are being interviewed to join such an agency, or by the company looking for a security guard direct, you will need to bare the above issues in mind.

This is what your interviewer is looking for – you need to make sure that they find them all in you.

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