SIA Training Awarding Organisations

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There are several SIA Training awarding organizations. Whenever you sign up to a training course, each will use one of these organizations to set the exams that you take and to mark them. Part of the job of the SIA is to ensure that each awarding organization complies to best practice guidelines, and that no matter where you take your SIA training there is a universal standard of testing throughout.

You would not want to discover that one awarding organization was passing candidates on a lower testing threshold, than another.

Your SIA training provider will had to have been vetted by the awarding organisation that it chooses to use, before it can offer training courses. This overseeing of the training provider will continue for as long as they conduct SIA training courses.


SIA Training Malpractice

Training malpractice is treated very seriously by the SIA and the respective awarding organisations.

The SIA works closely alongside awarding organisations to ensure training malpractice does not occur. This is why it is essential to always book your course through an SIA approved training provider.

In many ways the SIA relies on those that attend the courses to speak up and report back when they feel a training provider is guilty of malpractice. Systems are in place to facilitate any complaints you may have.

If you suspect that malpractice has taken place within a training centre, you can file a report with the awarding organisation associated with your chosen provider.

Each has a compliance departments that will investigate your complaint and will take appropriate action if deemed necessary. And don’t worry, if you choose to make a complaint, each is dealt with seriously and in confidence.

However, SIA training malpractice is rare. If your training provider is SIA approved you should face no real issue.

As stated, any training provider wishing to offer SIA related training courses will need to be approved by the relevant awarding organisation.

Area of SIA training each organisation deals with

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