The 3 Most Important Tips All Bouncers Should Know

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There are many guidelines that go towards being a good door supervisor. We recently published a top 10 list of tips to help you be a better door supervisor.

However, there are 3 main points that come above all else, and in many ways if you get these right, the rest (with time and experience) will fall into place.

If while working as a bouncer you are able to remember the 3 tips you are about to read – you will certainly be able to maintain safer doors.

Controlling The Line is a Fundamental Part of Being A Bouncer

Control The Line

What goes on in the line is a reflection of what is happening inside the establishment. If the door supervisor team is able to keep things under control while people are queuing to get in, they stand a far better chance of doing the same once those people are inside.

The are many reasons door supervisors need to maintain control here. Firstly, if there is no communication for why patrons are being made to wait and how long for – there is frustration before they have even stepped inside and bought a drink. You don’t want that.

Secondly, if people are pushing in and the bouncers are turning a blind eye or fail to do anything about, your customers are going to get riled up. Crack down on this before angry words are exchanged and fists fly.

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You don’t want your line getting out of control and trouble to start

Also, if unfair entry policies are being applied, (or seem unfair and arbitrary) that too will provoke annoyance. If dress codes apply – do a sweep of the queue once in a while so that those not dressed accordingly are sent away early on, not after they have been queuing for 45 minutes.

Beyond that is the need to be aware of levels of intoxication – the line is a perfect place to do this. If too drunk you have a chance to deny them entry there and then.

As a door supervisor, you have the power to keep the trouble out. It is obviously not always easy to spot it, however the best place to prevent any problems is by controlling the line, and making sure they don’t get inside in the first place.

You Are In Charge – Stop Trouble Here Before It Can Get Inside

Own The Door

Its not called ‘working the doors’ for nothing. If you are going to be effective at all as a door supervisor, you need to be in complete control of the door. This is where you can exert the most influence, (all patrons want to get inside for a start – and they know you are the gatekeeper for that).

You need to be alert at all times, aware of the premises polices and what has been going on in the line. (Your physical presence can also come into play here – see our article on weight training and the gym for door supervisors.)

Try not to give preferential treatment

Try not to give preferential treatment

The door is not a place to get side-tracked flirty with the scantily clad females attempting to get in for the night, or chatting up the new girl in the cloakroom. (I am sorry, but we have all seen bouncers do this.)

Furthermore, if you act like you don’t give a damn at the door, trouble maker patrons will get wind of this and fancy their chances of getting away with some trouble even more.

Likewise, if you are unduly rude at the door, (yet still allow the customer in) you have given them reason to be agitated from the start. This fueled with too much alcohol may cause you problems later on.

You do not want over intoxicated individuals, underage patrons, or groups that look like that they want to start a fight from the start.

The door is the last chance that you have to prevent trouble walking into the premises. Spot it here and you will be winning.

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple smile

Respect, Respect, Respect

This is so important I have said it three times. Door supervisors and bouncers need to have a level of respect for the patrons they are employed to safeguard.

And while you expect the same from the patrons, the respect does need to start from you. Your role as a bouncer is to keep the customers, colleagues and staff safe while they are in or around the premises you work.

However, you can still go about most of your door supervisor duties with a smile and a level of empathy and understanding.

If you are asked for information, try to be helpful rather than annoyed.

As a bouncer you way well be working the doors, asking for cover charges, discussing details of the establishment to the customer, (licence times, price, type of music etc). Be forthcoming with this information, don’t grunt a response.

And of course as a working door supervisor, you will have heard every excuse under the sun, and drunken patrons that think they are should have a sideline as a regular stand up comedian, will certainly test your patience. By remaining calm and professional at all times, you will get through this.

If you maintain your respect for the patrons, you will find that 99 times out of 100, those same patrons will have respect for you and the premises that you protect.

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