Corporate Security Guard Jobs – Is it Right for You?

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Once you have gained your SIA licence to become a security guard it is time to look for a job. If you live in or close to a major city, becoming a Corporate Security could be the way to go. The job can rewarding and is often higher paid than security guard roles in other sectors. What’s more there is scope to this sort of security guard role. It is not just waiting by the entrance of a shiny building, extra training will be required, (what to do in a bomb scare situation, major evacuation techniques for example), along with management opportunities further down the line.

As a corporate security guard you could end up working with state government, multinational corporations or as part of a team escorting diplomats from across the world.

The process of landing a corporate security guard role, can be a long and drawn out affair however. Mandatory background checks, drug tests and Criminal Background Checks, (even though you cannot have a SIA licence without such checks), can all form part of the recruitment screening process.

As well as your background, appearance is also important for a corporate security guard. You will be expected to maintain a professional appearance while at work, in line with the corporate nature of the public and building you are protecting. This is something to bear in mind when applying for such roles.

Where to find a Corporate Security Guard Job

The first stop would be to do an online search using ‘corporate security job’ as a search query. This will give you a long list of job websites to search through.

In our opinion, Jobs Indeed is the best actual job search engine. By placing your search query into the box below, you will see that the Indeed website actually searches through all the main UK job sites, giving you the most detailed list of current jobs available.

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 Corporate Security Guard

Time spent doing a simple job search will also give you an idea of what qualifications and experience is required, (for instance many jobs of this type cite the need for computer skills). This swill also reveal the kind of pay you might expect in your area.

It is also worthwhile to extend your search to include corporate security agencies. In fact, many positions are filled through agency employees. A building management firm can rely on trusted agencies to handle all the security recruitment on their behalf. Research to find the largest corporate security agency in your region. They will no doubt have a website, and some times latest positions will be advertised here. They should also have online means for you to send across your details and CV.

Above all research is key. If you wish to apply through an agency try to educated yourself on the background of that company and the sorts of clients/locations it supplies security guards to. Make sure you have sufficient experience for the role and that the information you send them is up to date and relevant.

Below are some useful links to security agencies that will help you in your search for a corporate security guard job.

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