The Dangers of Being a Security Guard

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Some of you may have noticed however recently on the SIA Licence Hub we have added a news section to the site. Here we aim to cover daily news stories relevant to the security industry. Of course, with it being news, a lot of the items that are reported are crimes, either by security officers or more commonly against them.

Although it is understandable given the sheer amount of working security guards today, in just one week of reporting such news, there have been an alarming amount of crimes against security guards.

This state of affairs really does highlight the ongoing dangers involved with being a frontline security officer. It is something that can be take for granted, and in the every day reality of work a security guard may very well forget the potential harm that may come to them in the course of their job.

We do not want to appear alarmist, however all security operatives should not become complacent.

security guard dangers - stab woundsIn the news stories reported this week, one security guard has been stabbed by a hypodermic needle by a crazed woman stating that the syringe was infested with aids.

In another story a security guard was stabbed by a knife while on duty. These are all stories from within the UK.

While researching new stories we have come across other incidents across the world, (South Africa and India coming up all too often) and found countless incidents of harm coming to security guards while in the line of duty.

We have decided not to add these stories to the site, as we are predominantly a resource for guards working in the UK, however such stories do serve to highlight what it means to be a security guard these days. There is no getting away from the fact that security guarding can be a very dangerous game.

So this little article is only to work as a reminder. Do not take the apparent safety of your role for granted. Make sure you are prepared for any eventuality. If you work with others, make sure you are in sync and work well together. If you are new to the job, ensure you know as much about your working environment as possible.

There are many resources through out this site that aim to help those working in the field to be as aware and prepared as they can possibly be.

You never know what might happen on your shift today, so be careful out there…

stabbing security guard dangers


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