Static Security Guarding

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While looking through the job section you may come across a listing for a static security guard. You will also find security guard companies, advertising the fact that they supply static security guards. But what exactly does the role involve?

You may be forgiven for thinking it refers to the type of guard that patrols just one spot, the image of front desk security immediately springing to mind. However, despite the title a static security guard is never really stationary for long.

The Job of a Static Security Guard

Although part of the role does indeed involve guarding a specific area, other duties include conducting regular, comprehensive and sometimes co-ordinated (with other guards) security patrols.

Also, when people see night security guards at work, they are under the impression the role involves being there ready to catch any potential intruders.

While this is true, guarding against intruders is again only part of the job and in truth most large organisations have security measures in place that prevent intrusions from occurring.


Being a static security guard does not mean standing still

The other important responsibilities undertaken by a static security guard include:
  • Preventing fires, flood and other damage to a property – a guard will be on hand to alert authorities should any of these hazards occur.
  • Preventing waste of a company’s resources – a static guard will patrol several times throughout his shift. This will involve turning off lights, shutting doors, and other tasks that help maintain order.
  • To prevent accidents – static guards are vital in situations such as the evacuation of a building, organising for the clearing of escape routes and fire exits and again important in order to maintain order in any crisis.
  • To detect and prevent offenses – the part that is all about preventing and/or reacting to intruders and any other illegal activity on site.

An important aspect in conducting duties as a static security is therefore the patrol. These will always vary in time and route in order to benefit in the element of surprise in the face of any incidents.

A security guard will also record each of the patrols conducted during a shift, in case the report is needed for police evidence at any time.


Property Guarding

We have already brushed upon this in that static security guards are there to ensure order is maintained. In the context of a business owner, this means that guards can make sure employees are obeying by company rules and regulations.

Everything from enforcing no smoking policies, to preventing employees stealing from a company falls within the remit of a static security guard.

Communication & Working in Teams

When guarding a larger organisation a static officer will often work as part of a team. Communication is held wirelessly between each guard at all times, and advancements in guarding technology along with CCTV (operated by officers with the necessary SIA licence) all lead to a robust security network.

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