Report your lost, stolen or damaged SIA Licence

If you lose your SIA licence you will have to inform the SIA as soon as possible. Furthermore, if your SIA licence is stolen or damaged you will still need to contact the SIA.

This is so that the Authority can cancel your current licence and issue a new one for you. There are certain procedures that you will need to carry out in the event of a lost, stolen or damaged SIA licence.

They are as follows:

Lost SIA Licence
Write to the SIA at the below address stating the circumstances of the loss.
Stolen SIA Licence
The SIA advise that you report the theft to the police, so that you have a crime reference number. You must then send the police report along with a covering letter to the address below.
Damaged SIA Licence
A damaged licence will be replaced free of charge if you send the damaged licence to the SIA, (repeated requests may incur a fee).

Send your report of a lost, stolen or damaged licence to:

Security Industry Authority
PO Box 1293
L69 1AX.

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    Hi, I have found the following SIA Door Supervision License who name is L.Goulding and I will posting it back to you today or tomorrow so that if L.Goulding gets back to you and you can say that I posted it back.

    Yours Sincerely


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