In what circumstances does a SIA Licence for CCTV Operation apply?

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A question that comes up all too often regarding the operation of CCTV cameras, is in what exact circumstances does a specific CCTV operator SIA licence apply? Who has to have one?

In some circumstances a door supervisor may conduct all front line duties associated with that specific role, however a camera may be fitted to the entrance to the club. The door supervisor will view this footage. Where does this officer stand in relation to the level of their SIA licence?

sia licence cardsThe SIA take the following stance when it comes to CCTV licensing:

A CCTV operator licence is required where a security operative uses CCTV equipment that is either placed into fixed positions or has a pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) facility.

A CCTV Licence is Required where the Operator has to carry out any of the following:

SIA Licence & CCTV Camera Operation

A CCTV licence is not necessary where cameras are used and monitored in the following scenarios:
  • Where cameras are used to solely identify intruders/trespassers onto a site and to monitor intruders/trespassers activities on that site; and/or
  • For the protection of buildings and/or vehicles against theft or damage to the actual premises or property and not for the specific monitoring of members of the general public.

If your employer is placing you in a position to do some of the above tasks that fall within the remit of a licensed CCTV Operator, (and you do not have the relevant SIA training) do not be afraid to speak up. If they are aware that you have an insufficient licence then the onus is on them to place you through the relevant training, (and essentially, prevent you from undertaking such tasks until you have the required license).

Do not allow yourself to fall into trouble by taking responsibility outside the limits of your SIA licence. You will be held liable as a result.

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