Security Guard Catches Baby at Airport

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Okay, so this is an old news item, however the video deserves a link on the Hub.

Whatever was this guy thinking, balancing his baby on the edge of the table like that.

Anyway, this just goes to show that you never know when you might be called into action as a security guard. It is clear that this particular security guard must have been watching the baby in order to react that quickly. He had seen that there was potential for the baby to fall, and he was ready to act if when the baby fell.

You can take this philosophy to your own job as a security guard. That element of being ready for anything, to be aware of your surroundings and to finally to be in the right place at the right time.

The dive to catch the little one is most impressive, it’s a pity the CCTV camera wasn’t better positioned, (were they remote control? Could the CCTV operator have been witnessing the action too?)

It is a wonder how the footage made the local news, (and then global news after a few networks picked up on it).

The event actually took place in Katowice Airport in Poland at the end of 2013, (like we say, we realise this is old news now).

The security guards name was Grzegorz Paczko. Apparently he had never played rugby in his life, or cricket for that matter. However, he was certainly nimble enough to get to the baby fast enough.

He stated that a financial reward to end up his way for saving the baby like that. His response was that it was all in the line of duty as a security guard. Congratulations to Grzegorz – an inspiration to all security guards out there.

If you know of any incidents where a security guard has done something quite spectacular, or you may be a guard yourself and have an interesting incident that goes beyond what you normally come across, then please send us the details.

Security guard training can only go so far – there certainly isn’t a module on catching babies. However, the training is designed to prepare you for the unexpected.

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