Quick Thinking Security Guard Prevents Court Suicide

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We are always happy to report good news from within the security industry. And to bring attention to security guard officers that deserve recognition for their top work.

Today’s security guard worthy of mention is a Lee James from Wolverhampton. His actions are being reported in the local press as he saved a woman from falling 25ft in an attempted suicide.

The incident took place at Wolverhampton Crown Court. Mr James was on duty at the courts when he witnessed a heated argument taking place between a man and a woman.

The couple had been arguing in the waiting area presumably before going into court.

The woman, who was reported as being very distressed from the row suddenly ran upstairs inside the building, before climbing over the first floor balcony rail.

She was screaming that she would jump. The 25ft first floor fall would have seen her impact with the hard marble floor of the court entrance.

The 29-year security guard was manning the front doors of the court at the time of the incident. Mr James ran after the woman and managed to grab his arms around her, just as she was about to fall off the balcony edge.

Mr James told the ‘Express and Star’ local newspaper: “I saw her heading towards the balconies so I quickly chased after her.”

He acted as a true professional security guard should. Mr James was aware of what was going on and able to react fast enough to avert the danger. He goes on to say:

She was really fast, but luckily I reached her just as she was climbing over the railing on the first floor. I grabbed her under the arms and pulled her back onto the floor. Then I radioed for assistance.”

The security guard, who is on contract with the G4S security company, has been working as a guard at the courts for 13 months.

Understandably the team that he works with have commended his behaviour, with the regional news picking up on it too.

His manager nominated Mr James as employee of the month, and has spoken highly of the security guards professionalism on the day. “He was extremely professional, caring and it was an outstanding performance by a member of our team.” She said.

Not every day in the courts brings such drama for a security guard doing their job. Mr James himself said he had never experienced anything like that.

However his quick thinking and awareness while at work are deserving of the praise he is receiving. In short he may well have saved the woman’s life. And there are not too many careers where that forms part of the job description. Nice work Mr James.

Mr James outside Wolverhampton Crown Court

Mr James outside Wolverhampton Crown Court.

[Photo Credit: www.expressandstar.com]

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