Security Guard attacked in Basingstoke

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A cash-in-transit security guard in Basingstoke was attacked yesterday, (July 29th) while delivering money to a cash machine.

The attack and robbery took place at 8.20am morning at the Basingstoke Leisure Park. With it being during rush hour, police are hopeful that there were some witnesses to the scene and are obviously keen for anyone with information to come forward.

The robbery was successful, with the security guard being attacked, the cash box grappled from his person and the offender being driven away in a car.

Police have given a statement that the security guard suffered minor injuries.

Officers are appealing for witnesses to the robbery, particularly to passengers on a bus that was in the area when it took place.

Albeit the developments in cash-in-transit security, robberies of this nature are still an alarmingly regular occurance. Our news story yesterday was all about a guard who was attacked last year and recently received an award for his bravery. (In that incident the assailant did not manage to pry the cash box from the security guards hands)

Cash in transit officers will continue to be a target for would-be robbers, who see the crime as an easy way to make some fast money.

In the Basingstoke case the police, nor the bank or security company have stated anything about the nature of the cash stolen, ie how much, and what protective measures may have been in place within the cash box.

Ink infusion, or the exploding glue mechanisms may have been deployed, therefore destroying the money inside once the box is tampered with.

Lets hope that the authorities manage to catch the criminals soon.

If you are cash-in-transit officer, stories such as this really do remind you just how important it is to be aware. No one can have eyes in the back of their head, but with the number of attacks showing no signs of abating, it is necessary to be as careful as you can be while on the job.

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