Cash-in-transit Security Guard Receives Award

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It is always good to celebrate and bring attention to those that act above and beyond the call of duty while working as a security guard

Earlier this month, security guard Nick Lyons was presented with a prestigious award from the British Security Industry Association (BSIA)

Mr Lyons received the award due to his bravery following an incident where he was attacked while on duty as a cash-in-transit courier.

Nick had been working for Loomis when the incident took place, and had been working there for a number of years. The attack occurred in the spring of 2013, during a routine cash drop.

The assailant approached the cash in transit officer from behind, before assaulting him.

In an act of extreme bravery, Nick maintained his grab on the cash box through out the attack.

Nick finally managed to break free of the offender and placed himself and the cash box into a position of security. At this point the offender had no choice but to flee empty handed.

Head of Risk for Loomis UK Limited, Robert Johnson, had nothing but praise for Nick’s conduct throughout the attack. “Thankfully, Nick was not injured during the attack and to some extent this is due to his previous experience when under attack, the ongoing training that is delivered to our crews and his quick thinking in bringing the incident to a satisfactory conclusion.

“Nick is a very experienced and solid member of the team that always acts in a professional manner. He is a respected by managers and colleagues alike, works well under pressure and has proven that he can be relied upon during the most stressful and traumatic of situations.”

Baroness Smith of Basildon presented the special award to Nick. The ceremony was held at the British Security Industry Association’s Annual Luncheon, earlier this July in London.

After receiving the award, Nick said “Thank you very much for recognising me for this award. Raids are part of the job – they are something I’ve learnt to deal with, otherwise I wouldn’t still be doing the job 25 years on”.

And we couldn’t agree with his comments more. Raids are part of the job, and anyone pursuing a career in cash in transit needs to be aware of this. Nevertheless, this does not detract from the bravery that Nick exhibited in the midst of such an experience.

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