Surrey SIA Licence Checks – Door Supervisors

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Investigators from the SIA accompanied licensing officers from Surrey Police force last Friday (23 August 2013) to check that door supervisors were working with valid SIA licenses in the Guildford area.

Similar to our report on the spot checks conducted by the Metropolitan Police in the West End earlier this year, the checks were carried out across a large number of premises forming part of the local night time economy.

56 door supervisors were inspected in total and everyone of them were found to be working with a valid SIA licence. Understandably the SIA have released a statement declaring the success of the operation.

SIA Head of Investigation Darren Woodhouse said:

“I am very pleased with the results of this operation; it shows the night-time economy in Guilford is benefiting from vetted, trained and licensed professionals.”

The fact that all door supervisors were working with valid licenses does show that regulatory measures taken by the SIA in recent years seem to be working.

Door SupervisorOnly one door supervisor was issued a warning – this was for failing to take action after a relevant conviction. On this Darren Woodhouse said:

“Thanks to intelligence from the police we will be conducting enquiries into the individual who was discovered to be working after receiving a relevant conviction. We will continue to share key information to ensure that the licence status of these individuals is reassessed when necessary.

I must however reiterate the need for security operatives to keep the SIA up to date with any changes in their circumstance; failure to do so could lead to prosecution in court.”

A further warning was issued to one individual for failure of notifying the SIA regarding a change of residing address.

SIA licence – Important Notes
  • Security personnel working under contract and all UK door supervisors have to hold and display a valid SIA licence. Failure to do so is against the law.
  • For those that manage, supervise and/or employ people that carry out licensable roles need to have a non-fron line SIA licence. This includes directors and partners of companies employing front line security operatives. Head to for more information on SIA licence enforcement and penalties:
  • The SIA is responsible for regulating the private security industry in the United Kingdom. The organization reports to the Home Secretary under the terms of the Private Security Industry Act 2001. For more information on this read our article: What is the SIA?
  • For further information on all areas of the Security Industry Authority visit the website at

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