Calling for More Women SIA Licence Holders

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You don’t have to be a genius or have access to in-depth industry statistics to know that there a far fewer women with SIA licences in the UK than there are men.

Traditionally the roles within the security sector have been more attractive to males.

There is continuing misconception that the average security guard, door supervisor or close protection operative should be a big burly male.

While the gender balance is not going to sway to the centre anytime soon, there are more and more roles available that should interest women and encourage them to train and apply for an SIA licence.

In an effort to make people aware of this, we are happy to report that the security sector is to benefit from a new joint research project launched by the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) and Skills for Security (SfS). A definite move in the right direction.

Woman SIA Licence HoldersWhat is it about?

The project is to proceed by evaluating the perceptions women have of taking a role in the security industry, and choosing the sector as a viable career path. The study will focus on two key groups; female students who have yet to decide on their career, and then females who are currently working within the security industry.

The purpose of the Study?

The study aims to challenge the current view that the security industry is a male-orientated career choice, with no prospects or career paths for women. In short, to get more women SIA licensed and trained to begin working within the sector.

The study comes off the back of the 100 in 100 apprenticeship campaign – a somewhat catchy named initiative that aims to place 100 apprentices within the security sector in as many days. (For more information on the 100 in 100 scheme, head here)

A recent Ofsted report, one that officially states that the security industry needs to attract more female apprentices, is another reason for the study to be conducted.

Head of Commercial Services at SfS, Jayne Sale states:

“Our industry already has many successful female figureheads, from entrepreneurs and company directors to award-winning installers and security officers, all of whom have proven that security is a viable career option for women.

Despite this, the security sector is still significantly male-dominated and, through this survey, we’re hoping to change perceptions and encourage more young people to consider exploring a security apprenticeship. We welcome responses from all women working in the security sector, who can use their own experiences to help inspire a new generation of business leaders.”

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