A Violent Door Supervisor Used False Identity to get Job

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A door Supervisor used false documents to get a job at a nightclub has carried out a violent attack on a customer.

Mahmadou Cisse managed to use his brother’s SIA security officer badge to obtain a job at Safari nightclub, in Leeds.

Cisse, 47, was working illegally as a door supervisor, when in the early hours of June 21 2014 he carried out the attack on a customer.

His actions show that not everyone can be a door supervisor and that specialist security training is required to do this role. A person needs to have the door supervisor training to do the job. They can’t just use some one else SIA badge and expect to fulfill a role in security.

Cisse, attacked the victim as he was leaving the premises. He grabbed hold of the man and they began pushing each other. Cisse then pushed the man up against a wall and head butted him in the face.

No door supervisor that had completed his training would act this way. The victim suffered a serious gash to his nose that left bone exposed.

CCTV footage was important to the investigation, with police seeing everything that happened via the recorded evidence.

Cisse pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding and fraud.

Apparently Cisse had not been able to afford the relevant door supervisor training and the security licence so had resorted to stealing his brothers SIA badge to get the job.

Why the nightclub did not do its proper checks to see the validity of the security licence holder has not been reported.

Cisse was given a 12 month prison sentence, suspended for 12 months, and ordered to do 200 hours unpaid work.

This incident shows the importance of the correct training for all roles of security employment. Cisse clearly did not have the temperament to carry out the role of a door supervisor.

If he had taken the security course, he would have been better equipped to deal with the confrontation. As it was, he acted completely against what is expected of a professional door supervisor, and ended up being guilty of two charges because of the incident.

A lesson to anyone out there thinking about fraudulently getting a job as a security guard or door supervisor. It is not worth a 12 month prison sentence to do so.

Head to our Door Supervisor training section and see about how you can legitimately obtain your security licence. It is the only sensible, (and legal) way of going about getting a career in the security industry.

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