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Depending on how you are employed as a door supervisor, you may well have to take care of your own door supervisor insurance coverage.

However, even if your employer has taken care of the insurance for you, you should make efforts to be aware exactly how you are covered and what you could still be liable for.

First lets breakdown the essential elements of a typical door supervisor insurance policy, so you know what to look out for.

Alternatively, you might be reading this from an employer’s perspective. If you have your own Door Staff team, you will certainly need to ensure that valid public liability insurance for door supervisors is in place.

Without it the repercussions can be severe.

public liability

Public Liability Coverage

The most important area to be covered by the insurance is public liability. The role of a door supervisor clearly involves working with members of the public. It is paramount that you are covered in the event of issues relating to this.

If in the course of your job a member of the public becomes injured and after an investigation you are found to be at fault or guilty of negligence, you will want to be insured.

Such an incident could lead to expensive court proceedings and financial payment to the victim. In the event of this, a door supervisor insurance policy with public liability coverage would help protect you against the costs.

claim form

Employer’s Liability Coverage

For those that run a security company, it is a legal requirement that you have employers liability coverage if you have door supervisors working for you.

This type of insurance protects you should one of your employees seek to take legal action against you. It will also come to the fore if an employee becomes injured or ill as a result of work done while employed by you.

There are very few exceptions to the legal necessity of employers liability coverage, however some types of non-permanent employment contracts do contain wording as to avoid liability by the contractor. (You should check your own employment contract accordingly).

All the same, it would be unwise to employ others on any basis without some kind of employer’s liability insurance in place.

Door Supervisor Insurance accident cover

Personal Accident Insurance

A door supervisor may also find themselves injured on the job. If this happens you could be unable to work for an unknown period of time.

If you are self-employed, personal accident insurance cover can help with any financial burden during your time out of work. The payable amounts vary on the type of accident and the cover that you pay for, however it can be a very useful addition to a typical door supervisor insurance policy.


Additional Insurance Elements

Although these are the three main areas of insurance for door supervisors, many policies will cover more than this, as well as have optional extras that you or your employer can decide to include

Here is a list of cover you can expect to see in a typical door staff insurance policy:

  • Employers Liability
  • Public Liability
  • Personal Accident
  • Efficacy and Contractual Liability
  • Wrongful Arrest cover
  • Loss of Keys/Consequential Loss following Loss of Keys
  • Fidelity Bonding (Theft and Dishonesty by Employees)
  • Financial Loss (Including Products)
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Directors and Officers
  • Legal Expenses

Most insurance companies will tailor the policy on an individual basis to ensure you have the right amount of protection to suit you.

Important Elements to Consider

While the above list is the typical terms of coverage (and extended coverage in the case of a door supervisor employer), it is important to remember that not all door supervisor insurance polices are the same.

Security companies in the business of providing door supervisor staff should be especially careful on the type of cover that they have.

It is no surprise that insurance rates for door security companies have been increasing for many years now. Unfortunately claims are all too common and this in turn pushes up the average premium.

However, supply is still able to meet demand which means some companies will offer lower premiums to obtain the business. The trade off is in the type of cover you are actually receiving. This is why it is so important to understand the types of cover you require. The cheaper option may not always be the best option.

Door-Supervisor-Insurance 2

Insurance for Deliberate Acts

One example of essential cover that could be missing from your policy if you prioritize budget before all else, is insurance for deliberate acts. Insurers offering lower rates may well be compromising on cover by not including this.

This type of insurance is one of the most important elements of cover for door security companies and door supervisors in general.

In a situation where a door supervisor uses force to eject a customer and it was seen that too much was used, a claim may well be made. In such a scenario, you will want that your insurance policy will help cover you.

Security companies or self employed door supervisors without insurance for deliberate acts could face bankruptcy if a large claim was to be sought.


Door Supervisor Insurance Companies that we Recommend

If you are looking to purchase door staff insurance as part of a company, or if you are a self employed and looking for insurance for door supervisors, this following list of companied will be able to see to your needs.

As we have suggested, aim to get a quote from 2 or more insurance companies so that you can compare. Make sure to study the small print to see what is included, and do not be afraid to ask questions. They want your business, so they will be all to happy to oblige.

Overall, door supervisor insurance coverage is all too often an overlooked facet of the job. If you are currently working as a door supervisor, you need to make sure you adequately protected. It could be very costly if you are not.

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