Top 10 Cash in Transit Companies

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The reality of working as a Cash and Valuables in Transit (CVIT) operative is that it is a dangerous job. Choosing which cash in transit company to work for is not a decision to be taken lightly.

Whether you have just passed your SIA licence to work as a CVIT operator, or are currently working in the field you will be aware of the dangers involved.

cash in transit jobs are dangerous

However, companies within the industry, along with the police and organisations such as BSIA are working hard to combat related criminal activity. The CVIT industry invests a significant amount of money every year in ways to increase security and combat potential robberies. Cash in transit companies invest greatly in available technology, helping the industry strive to stay one step ahead of the criminals at every turn.

To reduce the number of attacks on cash-in-transit operatives, a shared intelligence service has been created between Police and the BSIA’s Safercash service.

The SIA training involved to become a CVIT courier is of a high standard, reflecting the demands of the industry. A range of CVIT services are available to suit the different needs of small, medium and large companies.

So what cash in transit companies should you target when looking for work as a CVIT operative?

All now have to abide by industry regulated security measures in order to practice such services. An internet search will reveal some of the larger companies recruiting today. However, for your convenience we have created a list of some of UK’s larger cash in transit companies below.


Top 10 Cash In Transit Companies

Security Plus & Limited is stated as being Europe’s largest independent volume cash carrier. The company was founded in 1977 and has thus been the game of cash in transit services for over 35 years.

Regional operations include, the Midlands, North of England and Scotland.

Loomis is a well established cash-in-transit company. Work for these guys and you will be transiting cash for major financial institutions, independent ATM deployers, major retailers and public sector bodies.

The company boasts a presence in 16 countries, operates from over 400 offices throughout these countries and have more than 20,000 working for them. Formidable enough indeed.

The Co-Operative

The Co-Operative as a company do not need any introduction. However, as you might expect, their cash in transit division is large with opportunities all over the UK.

There online presence is also useful, with direct links to cash in transit job openings direct from their careers portal.

Gunnebo is a worldwide cash in transit company. The business also deals with bank and security cash handling, physical security and electronic security.

Head to their website for details of employment opportunities.

The Post Office also have comprehensive cash in transit services, and clearly employ couriers right across the UK.

The website and your local job centre are the best places to search for jobs within the organization.

BDI Securities is a cash in transit company that provides complete cash logistics services for clients including the NHS, Local Government Authorities and large blue-chip companies. Again, they have offices all over the UK.

The 3 key sectors the company covers are: Cash and Valuables in Transit (CVIT), Cash Processing and Coin Management.

They also work to ISO 9001 quality management standards and is a BSIA member.

For careers information visit the website where they have a dedicated section.

Contract Security Services been a cash in transit company for over 20 years. A smaller company than many on this list, they provide professional security services to both the public and private sector.

The company has depots in Brentford, London, Larkin, Kemt, Andover and Hampshire.

Visit the company website for more info.

RMS Group Services are a cash in transit company operating within the Uk and Ireland. The RMS cash division specialises in CVIT, Coin Services, ATM Services, Cash Management and Foreign Exchange, meaning there is a wide range of opportunity available within the company.

The RMS website has a dedicated careers section for latest employment opportunities.

Centigon is the branch within Carat Security that deals with cash in transit. However, they actually supply the vehicles used for such activities, rather than the services themselves.

Expect to find their vehicles as part of the fleet for a huge number of cash-in-transit companies. Clients include Brinks, G4S, Prosegur, Loomis, Securitas, Bank of France, BNB, and Central Bank of Tunisia, to name but a few.

Head to their website for more information.

The Toll Group arm dealing with cash in transit services state that they use cutting edge technology to deter robbers. Including, Intelligent Banknote Neutralisation Systems (IBNS), and armoured vehicle with ballistics and smart racking technology.

To find out more about this cash in transit company and how to work for them, head to the company website.

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