Security Guard Stabbed at 99p Store

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Yet another recent stabbing of a security guard that we are reporting on today. Although we are predominantly an SIA training website, we do think it is important to keep up-to-date with industry news for those that are currently working as a security officer.

Furthermore, for those that are thinking about becoming security guards and are looking into training to be one, these news items at least give you an idea of the dangers involved in a security career.

The incident in question occurred in Boscombe’s Sovereign Centre earlier this year, (2014). A man stabbed a security guard while he was on duty at a 99p store.

Rajeshwar Bhinder, of Walpole Road, Boscombe pleaded guilty in court of the offence of wounding with intent. He attacked the security guard, a Mr Mamadou Diallo with an offensive weapon at the store on the 8th of May.

No amount of security guard training can really prepare a person for an attack in broad day light in front of 100’s of shoppers such as what happened here.

Horrified witnesses saw the security guard being stabbed before he collapsed to the ground, unable to move.

Thankfully, the offender was quickly apprehended. Last Friday, 45-year-old Rajeshwar Bhinder, appeared at Bournemouth Crown Court, where he admitted the charges against him.

However the attack on the security guard is being treated as mitigating, with the defence lawyer asking for the sentence to be adjourned while two psychiatric reports are prepared

The judge agreed to this, with sentencing being postponed until a date in September.

The security guard sustained injuries to his stomach and has been out of work for sometime.

Again, incidents such as these show the dangers a security guard can find himself in while on the job. This is something you definitely need to think about before pursuing security guard training and attempting to gain your SIA licence.

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