Security Guard Threatened by Knife Wielding Pensioner

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A pensioner who recently threatened a security guard with a knife has been sent to jail.

The security guard was working at a Tesco store in Seacroft, Yorkshire when the assault took place. Needless to say, no security guard training course in the UK prepares trainees for potential attack from a 68 year old pensioner.

Peter Bateman was given an 8-month sentence for the incident.

The pensioner was caught on CCTV cameras taking items at 2.30am, before leaving the store without paying.

The security guard had seen the actions via the CCTV cameras and followed the man outside.

There Bateman pulled out a 15cm knife blade and threatened the security guard asking him when he left off. The security guard stated 7am, at which point Bateman replied. “I will guarantee you will be dead by then.”

Police were contacted after the incident and Bateman was found in possession of the weapon.

Bateman, of Wharfedale Court, Seacroft, pleaded guilty to possession of an offensive weapon. The court heard he has 10 previous convictions for 17 offences.

The defence, linking the behaviour to Bateman’s alcohol misuse brought on by the breakdown of his marriage and losing his business, stated such as mitigating circumstances.

Whatever the reasons for Batemans behaviour, the fact is knife crime is on the increase in the UK. This leaves security guards particularly vulnerable. Security guard training is low on close quarter protection and what one must do when in faced with potential knife attack. However, it is just the kind of security guard job, manning the front doors of super markets etc where such offences are likely to take place.

Of course the door supervisor training does include the relevant modules, however these too are not that comprehensive. If UK knife crime continues to increase, security officers through out the UK may need to further their training in order to know how to act in what could be a life threatening situation.

The prosecuting judge did state that society is constantly hearing about people carrying knives under similar circumstances and tragedies happening. Deterrent sentences have to be imposed.

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