The SIA Badge – What is it, and how do you get one?

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The SIA badge, more commonly known as the SIA licence is what all frontline security staff have to visibly wear while at work.

We have plenty of information on how to get your SIA badge in other areas of the Hub. However, for those of you have reached our site by searching for details of the SIA badge, we will outline what you need to know below.

You will also find the handy links for more information that we provide elsewhere.

The SIA Badge Cost

A 3 year Front Line SIA licence will cost you £220.

However, a 1 year immobiliser licence is also £220. Many have complained that the SIA badge costs too much. Time will tell whether the SIA will reduce the price however.

</p> <h3>SIA Badge Cost – How to save money</h3> <p>
  • Paying your own SIA badge costs? You are able to claim tax relief against your annual taxable income – visit the HRMC website for more details.
  • Need more than one badge? It is possible to claim 50% off the cost of your second badge. More info Here

For more information regarding the cost of an SIA licence for head to our Licence & Training Section


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SIA Badge Training

The only way you can actually get an SIA badge is by going through the proper training. Also, the type of SIA training you take, depends on what type of role you wish to do.

The following roles require an SIA badge:

If you have yet to decide which security role you would like to train for, head to our licence and training section for more details on each career.

Once enrolled on a course you will be expected to attend a class for a designated amount of hours. (This again varies depending on the security role. A door supervisor has less course contact hours than a close protection officer for instance.)

 At the end of the training, you will need to pass at least 2 exams.  These are often multiple choice. Governing bodies throughout the UK ensure that standards are the same no matter which training provider you use. (To find out more about the various organizing bodies, head here).

Once you have passed your exams it is time to actually apply for your SIA badge.

How to apply for the SIA Badge

The application process to gain your badge used to be quite long, with important documents having to be sent through the post.(For the SIA website application page, head here.)

However, a program with Royal Mail means the process has been streamlined. The identity checks can bow be done in your local post office.

However, if your record means you are subject to criminality checks, the SIA badge application process can linger.

For a detailed explanation of the entire SIA licence application procedure, head here.

SIA Badge Checker

While you wait for your SIA badge to arrive, you will have access to a handy SIA badge checker. This is an online resource that gives you the ability to check the status of your application and how far it is along the process.

In some cases the checker will be able to give you an exact explanation of what is happening. The caseworker who is dealing with your application will feed status reports into the system, meaning you have detailed information on what is happening.

The SIA website cite the following descriptions as examples of the sort of update you may receive with regards to your application.
  • Your application was received on [DATE]. We are currently making sure you have provided all the information we need. We aim to process correctly completed applications within five weeks.
  • Your application was incomplete. A letter was sent on [DATE] which explains what information we require to resolve this. We have not taken payment for your application.

Obviously you do not want to read the second comment as part of your application status. However, if a mistake has occurred it does mean you have access to information that will help you rectify the situation.

Importantly, the SIA badge checker can also tell you when the powers that be have made a final decision on your application.

If your licence has been granted the checker will tell you what your licence number is, and the fact your SIA badge is in the post.

Congratulations you are now fully licensed. Time To Get That Job.

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