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Finding a job as a close protection officer isn’t easy, however one of the best places to start is to research close protection companies and try to get on their books.

What you need is contacts and recommendations in this game, however there is nothing to stop you giving a close protection company a call and trying to line up a meeting.

Face to face contact always works best, and if you have worked with someone who might be able to put a good word in for you, all the better.

All the same, we have complied a list of some of the biggest close protection companies working in the UK today. Whether it be VIP close protection, hostile environment overseas close protection, or government agency based close protection, these are the companies you should be contacting in your pursuit of the next position as a close protection officer.

 Top 10 List of Close Protection Companies to contact

Saladin Security - International Security and Risk Management Solutions.

Saladin Security – International Security and Risk Management Solutions.

Saladin Security is a company that mainly deals with specialist security services, along with close protection based in high-risk areas of the world.

Clients include many overseas governments, the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Their about page states that the company worked extensively in Africa and the Middle East. Close protection services have been provided in all continents, including for nine Heads of State.

More recently the company has moved into the commercial sector, providing close protection services to the oil, gas and mining companies. A close protection company definitely worth contacting.

Their employment page gives you the option of sending across your CV and all your vitals.

Blue Mountain Group - Professional Security Services.

Blue Mountain Group – Professional Security Services.

The Blue Mountain Group covers a range of services, including close protection, security consulting and planning, surveillance and investigation. They also provide training.

The company covers operations across the UK as well as hostile environments. Their employment page gives you all the details required in how to gain employment with this highly respected close protection company.

Minimal Risk

Minimal Risk Close Protection

Minimal Risk Close Protection is a company that has been in the game for years. They have a designated recruitment page –

Where you can view a short video about what they do. Clients include Government and corporate entities as well as small business operations and high net worth individuals.

To send you CV and accompanying details to this close protection company, head here:

Colossal Security close protection

Colossal Security is a close protection company predominantly dealing in the Maritime and Shipping sector. Based in the North West of England, the company boasts clients from the largest shipping lines, to single vessel companies.

Experience in the sector will put you in a good position, however the company does offer training to the right kind of candidates.

You can send across your CV and vitals to the company here:

Galahad Associates

Galahad Associates

Galahad Associates is a close protection company that deals in a wide range of specialist security services.

Areas include, close protection, residential security, and counter surveillance.

The company operates throughout the world in specialist military and police units and as civilian contractors. Operational areas include the, the USA and Latin America, Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia. In short – everywhere.

The company does not have a designated recruitment page, so to try to get on their books for close protection work, you need to contact them direct:

Broadstone Security

Broadstone Security

Broadstone Security is a close protection company, providing executive close protection across the UK and worldwide VIP international bodyguard services.

The company provides Executive Protection service for VIPs, High Net Worth Individuals, Corporate clients and the Entertainment and Arts industry.

Based in London, you can send your CV across to this close protection company, via the following link

Banham Close Protection Services

Banham Close Protection is a close protection company specialising in providing close protection for people, property and valuable assets.

Offering extensive personal and property security in London, you can contact them via the company website.

GMS Security Services is a company providing close protection security throughout the UK.

Personal and property security is their main area of expertise.

Their website does not contain a specific recruitment page, however, you can contact them directly here:


Calibre International is a company that provides bespoke personal security services.

They operate throughout the UK and deliver professional services, operating in a wide range of environments, both in the UK and abroad. They also provide a full range of training services.

The company head office is based in High Wycombe. To send across your details or give them a call head here:


Garda World is a close protection company, providing security services for diplomats and commercial clients in high-risk environments.

Their recruitment profiles include trained former US and UK Special Forces professionals, the main basis of operations being the protection of diplomats, commercial clients and development staff who operate in high-threat environments.

To send across your details, head to their designated careers page:

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