The SIA Licence & Training Procedure Explained

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Although we have detailed information on each stage of the SIA licence process in the licensing section, we thought it would be good to provide an overview article for those that wanted a brief run down on what you need to do to get your SIA licence and start working in the industry.

In the UK, if you want to work in certain areas of the security industry, you have to have an Security Industry Authority licence, (SIA Licence)

The list of security sectors that require workers to have an SIA licence are as follows:

  • Door supervision
  • Security guarding
  • CCTV Pss
  • Close Protection
  • Key holding
  • Cash and valuables in transit
  • Vehicle immoblization

To apply for a licence for any of the above, you first have to complete the relevant training that is attached to the position you wish to work in. (For an indepth look at what each sector training requirements are, head to our SIA Training Section).

There are hundreds of training providers throughout the UK. (We are in the process of compiling an entire database of SIA approved training providers and this will be going live on the Hub very soon).

training CP sia licence hub

It is important to realize that the training providers do not certify you. Each training provider will be accredited by the various awarding bodies that are SIA endorsed. (These are organizations such as: Edexcell, HABC, City & Guilds – To find out more check out our article on SIA Awarding Organisations)

Your chosen training provider is responsible for training you in line with SIA and Awarding Body guidelines. The exam you take will be set and led by the relevant awarding body. They will also mark your results. (Either online if you have taken an electronic exam, or via your exam papers being sent away to the organization – this process depends on what body your training provider uses). You are then notified of your results by your Training Provider.

Exam in progress sia licence hub

If the results are good, and you have passed your SIA training, you can apply for the specific SIA licence that your training was directed towards.

You can apply either by going on line to the SIA website or you can simply call them to ask for a paper application form to be sent to your postal address.

Once the SIA has received your licence application they will enter the details of the application onto their system. They will then have to do the necessary identity and criminality checks.

The SIA licence application process has recently been streamlined with a new initiative between the SIA and the Post Office. You can now lodge your application at your local post office, and identity checks can take place there. This means you no longer have to send important documents through the post. (Our article on the new SIA application process can be found here)

After this has taken place, you will be notified of the decision of the SIA regarding your licence. Normally the SIA will take up to 20 days to decide on your application, depending upon individual circumstances.

Top Tips for getting the SIA Application Right 1st Time
  • It may be a tad long winded but make sure you read the how to fill an SIA application form very carefully
  • Read our Top 10 SIA FAQ’s Article
  • Write in black ink
  • Fill in every section that you have to. The questions are there for a reason.
  • Make sure that the person who has attested your information has all their details in the correct place. Including their signature on the back of your photograph.
  • Ensure that your passport size photo graph meets SIA licencing standards
  • Check you have entered the correct payment details.

Important SIA Website Links

To view the register of licencse holders click here

SIA licencse application help book download

Once you have been notified of the SIA’s decision on your licence, you will be sent your licence through the post. Now you can begin applying for security officer jobs and begin your career in the industry. Good luck.

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