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  • SIA Licence Training Courses in London Increased

    Aug 10, 14 • 3247 Views • NewsNo Comments

    Good news for those looking to pursue their SIA licence training in East London. Managing Director of the PTTC Training Company based in East London has announced the increased availability of a comprehensive range of SIA approved security and safety...

  • Security Guard Assualted While working in Tesco

    Aug 8, 14 • 7067 Views • NewsNo Comments

    Yet another story that sees someone working in the field as a security guard being attacked for no reason at all. This does highlight the potential danger you place yourself in, every time you put on the uniform and go to work. In a Tesco Express store in...

  • How to Become A Security Guard

    Aug 5, 14 • 4345 Views • Security Guard, SIA LicenceNo Comments

    You will find information all over the Hub on how to become a security guard. The type of SIA Training course you have to take, what’s on the course, and how to sign up to it. Even where to find the jobs after you have qualified. However, as this...

  • Security Guard attacked in Basingstoke

    Jul 30, 14 • 3868 Views • NewsNo Comments

    A cash-in-transit security guard in Basingstoke was attacked yesterday, (July 29th) while delivering money to a cash machine. The attack and robbery took place at 8.20am morning at the Basingstoke Leisure Park. With it being during rush hour, police are...

  • Loomis Van

    Cash-in-transit Security Guard Receives Award

    Jul 29, 14 • 3444 Views • NewsNo Comments

    It is always good to celebrate and bring attention to those that act above and beyond the call of duty while working as a security guard Earlier this month, security guard Nick Lyons was presented with a prestigious award from the British Security Industry...

  • A Reason to Keep Your CCTV Equipment up to date

    Jul 28, 14 • 2890 Views • NewsNo Comments

    If you are a security company and your CCTV infrastructure is out of date, or maybe you are a CCTV SIA trained operator, and working in conditions where the technology clearly needs up dating, take heed of this particular news story and sort the situation as...

  • New Close Protection Course & Training in Birkenhead

    Jul 25, 14 • 4187 Views • NewsNo Comments

    Primarius Ltd has announced earlier this month that they will be offering people in the North West of England the opportunity for close protection training. For those interested, the new course will begin on the 15th of September 2014 and will run 7 days a...

  • security guard catches baby

    Security Guard Catches Baby at Airport

    Jul 24, 14 • 3187 Views • NewsNo Comments

    Okay, so this is an old news item, however the video deserves a link on the Hub. Whatever was this guy thinking, balancing his baby on the edge of the table like that. Anyway, this just goes to show that you never know when you might be called into action as...

  • In what circumstances does a SIA Licence for CCTV Operation apply?

    Jul 14, 14 • 44796 Views • CCTV Operations, SIA LicenceNo Comments

    A question that comes up all too often regarding the operation of CCTV cameras, is in what exact circumstances does a specific CCTV operator SIA licence apply? Who has to have one? In some circumstances a door supervisor may conduct all front line duties...

  • Fire Arm Training - Further SIA Training

    Beyond the Close Protection SIA Training Course

    Jul 5, 14 • 9068 Views • Close Protection Officer, TrainingNo Comments

    In this article we are going to have a look at what courses are available to you, once you have passed the initial SIA Training course in Close Protection. Simply passing the entry course and obtaining your SIA licence may not be enough in the competitive...