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  • court hammer - racial abuse against security guard

    Teenager Convicted of Racial Abuse Against Security Guard

    Oct 10, 14 • 3525 Views • NewsNo Comments

    Earlier this week a racial hate crime against a security guard ended up in court. Over the years careers in the security industry have been a popular entry point for ethnic minorities, and is a great aspect of a security job that they are open to all....

  • SIA Licence Checker Online

    The SIA Licence Checker

    Oct 10, 14 • 52408 Views • SIA Licence1 Comment

    You have sent off your SIA licence application (along with the 220 odd pound to do so), and you are quite frankly rather anxious to get licensed. Understandable, you want to start job searching and nail that security officer job as soon as possible. Well...

  • Security-Guard-Training

    The Ultimate Security Guard SIA Licence & Training Guide

    Oct 7, 14 • 17975 Views • Featured, Security GuardNo Comments

    If you want to become a security guard within the UK then you are in the right place. This article aims to be the ultimate guide to SIA licensing and training for those wanting to begin their careers as a security guard. You may be aware that you will have to...

  • sia-licence-hub-criminality-checks featured

    SIA Licence Criminality Checks Explained

    Oct 6, 14 • 24185 Views • SIA LicenceNo Comments

    In its role over seeing the correct and universal standard of the security industry, it is an important objective of the SIA to ensure the integrity of licence holders. This in turn means there are stringent background tests to prevent criminals from working...

  • Security guard - drink driving accident averted

    Quick Thinking Security Guard Prevents Drink Driving Accident

    Sep 29, 14 • 4429 Views • NewsNo Comments

    It is nice for us to report on a security guard story that doesn’t involve either the security guard carrying out a particular misdemeanor while on the job, or being attacked in some way, (read our latest security officer news updates to get an idea of what...

  • Knife-crime-increase

    Security Guard Threatened by Knife Wielding Pensioner

    Sep 23, 14 • 4476 Views • NewsNo Comments

    A pensioner who recently threatened a security guard with a knife has been sent to jail. The security guard was working at a Tesco store in Seacroft, Yorkshire when the assault took place. Needless to say, no security guard training course in the UK prepares...

  • sports direct security guard investigation

    Security Guard Under Investigation for Hate Crime

    Sep 17, 14 • 4004 Views • NewsNo Comments

    A Sports Direct security guard has been sacked after he allegedly barred a group of Jewish schoolboys from entering and stating: “No Jews, no Jews.” The alleged incident happened at the Hertfordshire branch of Sports Direct recently and is now being...

  • bell in

    Armed Robbers steal £6,000 from G4S Cash in Transit Security Guard

    Sep 9, 14 • 6274 Views • NewsNo Comments

    Armed robbers stole £6,000 from a Cash-in-transit security guard. The G4S worker was confronted by the robbers, one of which was wearing a mask and carrying a gun. The incident took place in Birmingham Road, Wolverhampton in April last year. (Another armed...

  • Asda-Superstore_security guard

    Man head butts security guard in the face breaking her nose

    Sep 7, 14 • 3604 Views • NewsNo Comments

    A man has been banned from every Asda in the UK after he head butted a female security guard in the face after saying, “stop f***ing following me!” The attack happened against the security guard in Skelton, Cleveland in April this year, with the case only...

  • cctv used in court case

    A CCTV Operator’s skills help Convict Sex Offender

    Sep 4, 14 • 8355 Views • CCTV Operations, NewsNo Comments

    A skilled CCTV operator managed to capture the image of a sex attacker, with the evidence used in court. Bikramjit Baden had denied sexually assaulting a young student woman on her doorstep during an incident that took place in March 2014. However, earlier...