• Leeds Bradford Airport

    Guard Gropes Victims during Airport Security Searches

    Sep 3 • News • 13776 Views

    A story is making the papers today of a security guard that has completely abused their position of trust. Using airport security searches as a chance to grope women, security guard Mark Benson, 51 from Leeds was sentenced today.

    The offender tried to kiss and grope his victims as he carried out searches at Leeds Bradford Airport.

    The court was told that Benson would even place his hands inside their clothing. His crimes were also against fellow workers, with the ‘hyper-sexualised’ security guard making unwanted sexual advances to female members of staff in locker rooms.

    Leeds Bradford Airport

    Two victims were tricked into supplying Benson with their mobile phone numbers, which he then used to send sexually explicit messages.

    It seems the security guards actions got more out of control as time went on. On a road to self-destruction, he acted in a way that could only bring about his downfall.

    He told one of his victims that he, ‘’knew she wanted it’ before suggesting they went someplace without CCTV cameras.

    Undaunted by the fact the woman was not interested in his advances; Benson unzipped her coat and tried to open her blouse.

    The court heard how one victim needed counseling after her ordeal.

    The security guard initially denied all allegations, stating that they were made up. The defending solicitor, Tony Kellbrick stated that, ‘For reasons he can’t explain he has become hyper-sexualised and he is not willing or able to admit it.’

    With the all the evidence against Benson, sentencing was straightforward. The security guard has been sentenced for 70 weeks in prison yesterday after pleading guilty to seven offences of sexual assault.

    The judge said that immediate custody had to take place as the offences were too serious to be dealt with by community punishment alone.

    Benson will also be placed on the sex offender’s register for two years.

    What this incident shows is that having a position of responsibility within the security industry can never be abused. Benson clearly had greater psychological issues at play, however, the fact he was a security guard, gave him a way of getting physically close to his victims.

    In this instance, the security guard’s actions were so blatant he had to get caught. However, in more subtle situations a guard could get away with sexualising their body search methods, and not be discovered.

    Victims are embarrassed to come forward if they think they have been groped while searched – they put it down to an accident.

    If foul play enters the security industry at any level, it can tarnish it. It is up to the security officers that carry out these duties, to ensure that standards remain the highest they can be. If you know of any one who abuses their position as a security guard, you have to make efforts to put a stop to it.

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  • CCTv Security Increased

    CCTV Security News – 200 CCTV Cameras along the Northern Rail network

    Sep 2 • News • 3903 Views

    More CCTV cameras have been used along the UK’s rail networks a statement from Northern Rail has been released today.

    Over 200 CCTV cameras have been installed in stations across the rail network, increasing security and the safety of the public to a large degree.

    Over a 10 year period, Northern Rail have increased the amount of CCTV cameras being used by 58%, a trend seen right across the UK when it comes to CCTV security.

    What does this mean for CCTV operators, and those looking for careers in the security industry?

    Well unfortunately, the CCTV cameras installed by Northern Rail are unmanned, meaning no extra jobs beyond that of CCTV installation have been created as a result of the increased security measures.

    However, the real winner here is clearly the public. Having recently installed a large batch of CCTV cameras through out the North East, Northern Rail are taking a leaf out of Network Rails books and really putting security at the forefront of their priorities.

    The company boasts that by developing an in-house CCTV security solution, they were able to bring costs were significantly reduced and more systems have been installed as a result.

    Martyn Guiver, Northern Rail’s Head of Crime Management stated: “To reach a total of 200 stations now offering peace of mind for both customers and staff, is a fantastic milestone. Many of our stations are small, positioned on rural and isolated routes, and CCTV brings a level of security we wouldn’t otherwise be able to provide.”

    The company also states that since the installation of all of these CCTV cameras, crime along the network has been reduced by 55%.

    Although, the increased CCTV security along the railways will not have an impact on security officers looking for work, it does show that the UK’s ever increasing reliance on CCTV as a security measure, means that becoming an CCTV operator is definitely a worthwhile career choice.

    There will always be jobs available in the ever-expanding security industry.

    CCTv Security Increased

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  • Harber attack on security guard

    Security Guard Squashed Between 2 vehicles in Violent Attack

    Sep 1 • News • 6863 Views

    Today a man has been sentenced for carrying out a horrible attack on a security guard.

    No matter the level of security guard training a person takes, they could never be prepared for this kind of incident.

    The attack on the security guard saw him squashed between two vehicles. “I could hear the sound of breaking bones” said Maciej Tymoszko, the victim of the crime. He thought his spine may have been crushed, however he actually sustained serious injury to his pelvis.

    Harber attack on security guardThomas Harber, sentenced for violent attack on security guard

    The offender, Thomas Harber has been sentenced for three-and-a-half years in prison. The 24-year-old father of two was convicted of causing serious injury by dangerous driving. However, he has been acquitted of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

    Maidstone Crown Court heard the incident was a case of road rage. Mr Tymoszko was standing by his Jeep Grand Cherokee when Harber struck him with his van.

    The van then rolled him along the side of the jeep, before he was struck again and forced to the ground.

    The injuries were immediately very serious, with the victim having to be flown by air ambulance to a London hospital.

    Details of events differ between defendant and victim.

    The incident took place at a scrapyard while the security guard was on duty.

    Harber states that the security guard had been hollering, shouting and screaming at him before the road rage occurred.

    Although Recorder Colin Reese QC said he would accept there might have been “a mild degree of provocation,” there was nothing that could possibly justify the violent response from Harber.

    Indeed, if the security guard had acted forcefully, it seems this was done only verbally. No physical force was exerted by the security guard.

    All the same, the offender did become angry enough to act in the way that he did. This highlights that when working as a security guard, you never know the temperament of anyone you come against.

    To act in the way Harber did was clearly very irrational, and may have cost the security guard’s life if he had been struck harder by the van.

    In the security guard’s version of events he paints a image of himself acting rather meekly in the confrontation. The court could only comment with, “Precisely what he said and whether he was quite as meek and mild as he suggested in evidence, I am not sure.”

    Sentencing took place at Maidstone Crown Court earlier today.

    The court stated that no compensation would be awarded to Mr Tymoszko, as this would be taken care of by the insurance companies.

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  • illegal door supervisor jailed

    A Violent Door Supervisor Used False Identity to get Job

    Aug 29 • News • 3571 Views

    A door Supervisor used false documents to get a job at a nightclub has carried out a violent attack on a customer.

    Mahmadou Cisse managed to use his brother’s SIA security officer badge to obtain a job at Safari nightclub, in Leeds.

    Cisse, 47, was working illegally as a door supervisor, when in the early hours of June 21 2014 he carried out the attack on a customer.

    His actions show that not everyone can be a door supervisor and that specialist security training is required to do this role. A person needs to have the door supervisor training to do the job. They can’t just use some one else SIA badge and expect to fulfill a role in security.

    Cisse, attacked the victim as he was leaving the premises. He grabbed hold of the man and they began pushing each other. Cisse then pushed the man up against a wall and head butted him in the face.

    No door supervisor that had completed his training would act this way. The victim suffered a serious gash to his nose that left bone exposed.

    CCTV footage was important to the investigation, with police seeing everything that happened via the recorded evidence.

    Cisse pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding and fraud.

    Apparently Cisse had not been able to afford the relevant door supervisor training and the security licence so had resorted to stealing his brothers SIA badge to get the job.

    Why the nightclub did not do its proper checks to see the validity of the security licence holder has not been reported.

    Cisse was given a 12 month prison sentence, suspended for 12 months, and ordered to do 200 hours unpaid work.

    This incident shows the importance of the correct training for all roles of security employment. Cisse clearly did not have the temperament to carry out the role of a door supervisor.

    If he had taken the security course, he would have been better equipped to deal with the confrontation. As it was, he acted completely against what is expected of a professional door supervisor, and ended up being guilty of two charges because of the incident.

    A lesson to anyone out there thinking about fraudulently getting a job as a security guard or door supervisor. It is not worth a 12 month prison sentence to do so.

    Head to our Door Supervisor training section and see about how you can legitimately obtain your security licence. It is the only sensible, (and legal) way of going about getting a career in the security industry.

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  • security guard sentenced

    A Birmingham Security Guard charged with Assault escapes Prison Sentence

    Aug 28 • News • 3931 Views

    It is never good to report news on a security guard acting against the law, and at the very least completely outside the scope of their security training, however this is what has happened here.

    A Birmingham security guard who earlier this year beat up a canteen manager has avoided being put in jail.

    Maybe this particular security guard should not have been working in a security job at the time, (mitigating circumstances declare he was suffering with a depressive illness at the time of the attack).

    Majid Hussain, the security guard that carried out the attack, pleaded guilty at Warwick Crown Court today. He has been sentenced to six months in prison, but this has been suspended for 12 months, with 12 months supervision.

    Hussain was also ordered to complete an anger management workbook and to pay £750 compensation to the victim as well as £1,090 legal costs.

    Hussain worked as a security guard based in the office above the canteen. He had held the security job for a number of years and knew the victim.

    On January 17 2014 he went in for some food where the manager was working. After a series of antagonistic actions from Hussain, CCTV captures him punching the manager twice in the fact and knocking him to the floor.

    Then, while Mr Winter was on the floor, just out of range of the camera, Hussain “kicked and stamped on him to the head,” before turning away and walking out.

    The judge took considered the fact that Hussain was ill at the time, and a psychological report formed part of the defence.

    What does this all mean for the employment of security guards however. A security officer has a job of responsibility and to uphold the law during their employment – A security guard is meant to protect people and property.

    A rogue security guard with a psychological illness should not be at work as a security guard at all. Should periodic testing be given to security guards that show signs of ill health of this sort?

    Can security officer training incorporate this into the curriculum. While we do not know the full details of this particular incident, being a security guard can be a lonely profession if you are sole guard in charge of a premises. Is there anyway that a security guard that needs help should be given information on how to go about getting it?

    Serious questions indeed.

    For obvious reasons Mr Hussain is now unemployed and can no longer work in the security industry. If the help had been there earlier, maybe none of this would have happened.

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  • Yates - assualt against door supervisor

    Man appears in Court after Punching Door Supervisor

    Aug 26 • News • 4153 Views

    It’s good to see the fast turn around for sentencing on any assault, especially when the crime is against a security officer doing his job.

    In June of this year, 25 year-old man punched a bouncer in the face outside a Yates in Retford.

    Christopher Lodge, 25, of Moorgate, Retford, appeared before the judge at Worksop Magistrates’ Court earlier this week and pleaded guilty to a charge of common assault.

    The victim was door supervisor, Alan Murphy who was working at Yates’s on the 21st of June 2014 when the attack took place.

    CCTV footage was vital to the prosecution as is it showed Lodge fighting with another individual at the venue, prior to the assault on the bouncer.

    As Door Supervisor Murphy attempted to escort Lodge out of the premises, the young man put up a fight which led him to being thrown to the floor by Murphy on more than one occasion.

    The CCTV footage then showed Murphy and Lodge outside the venue, where Lodge punched the door supervisor in the face. (Other people were running out of the venue at that point, with one male carrying a chair above his head.)

    etford Yates - door supervisor assualtThe assault took place outside Yates’s, Retford on the 21st of June 2014

    The Prosecution

    Prosecuting solicitor, Ruth Snowdin, speaking on behalf of Murphy stated that the incident was entirely unprovoked.

    Mitigating circumstances were brought up in court. David Verity stated that: “The CCTV shows Mr Lodge being thrown to the floor by the staff. This was all after an altercation with another man. He threw a punch at that male but it was more of a glancing blow. He knows that is it a serious incident at a licence premises in the town centre.

    In other words, the fact force had been used against Mr Lodge just prior to the assault on the door supervisor, was used as part of the defence. A predictable claim in the light of the circumstances.

    Other points raised as part of the defence was the fact the offender had drunk a lot more than he normally would do. It is also claimed that Lodge has since tried to watch the amount of alcohol he drinks. (Although, anyone who has a minimal knowledge of the law will understand, alcohol cannot be used as a substantial defence in any crime).

    The fact the door supervisor did not sustain any injury, was also considered as part of the sentencing.

    In the end, the assault upon the door supervisor did not amount to a prison sentence.

    Lodge was ordered to a 12-month community order, 120 hours unpaid work, and had to pay £50 compensation, £85 costs and £65 victim surcharge.

    Although Door Supervisors face potential assault every time they go to work, it is reassuring fact that it does not happen all that often.

    With most licensed premises having adequate CCTV footage, it also means that when an incident does take place, there is video footage to help with any potential investigation.

    At the end of the day, this helps both the door supervisors and other security personnel while they work, as well as the general public at large.

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  • cctv operator jobs

    CCTV Operator Jobs – How to Find One

    Aug 24 • CCTV Operations, Featured • 8567 Views

    This article looks into the availability of CCTV operator jobs and where you should head to find the latest jobs currently advertised.

    In today’s world you often have to move fast to be in with a chance of applying for any kind of job. Knowing where to look is the first important step.

    We have written in depth into what a CCTV Operator job entails here. We have also written about what CCTV recruiters are looking for in another article here. For information on how to get licensed as a CCTV operator, you can head here.

    However, to find out where to look to see what CCTV operator jobs are available, read on…

    CCTV Operator Jobs – Your Location

    Obviously, you will want to find a CCTV operator job that is a commutable distance from where you live.

    This will often affect the kind of CCTV work you might end up getting. If you live near a large city such as London you will be able to find corporate security jobs with big multinational companies.

    If you live in a more rural area, the kind of CCTV operator job available will be with smaller, local based businesses that require CCTV operations.

    Alternatively, no matter your location, the local councils in your area maybe recruiting. In this instance, your local council website can be a good place to start your search.

    Online SIA Licence Checker

    CCTV Operator Jobs – Using the Internet

    Your location also affects the Google search you will conduct in order to look for work.

    Quite simply, searching for “CCTV Operator Jobs London” or “CCTV operator jobs Manchester” is going to bring up search results for those particular areas.

    We have mentioned in other areas of the hub, the convenience of using jobs indeed when searching for security vacancies. This website actually searches all job sites and brings you listings from every one of them.

    CCTV Operator Jobs – Your local Employment Centre

    Over the last 20 years by far the biggest investors in CCTV technology have been the government and local councils.

    Across the UK local councils account for over 75% of expenditure in CCTV operations and technology, with a high percentage of that concentrated within the London boroughs.

    If any CCTV operator jobs become available within a local authority, by law they have to publicly advertise them, and they will always do this via the computers at your local job centre, as well as online at: www.jobsearch.direct.gov.uk

    CCTV centre

    Security Recruitment Agencies

    We have written more in depth here, about how to secure a job through a security agency. There are pros and cons to this approach, however if you are looking for work, having a recruitment consultant helping you with the search is no bad thing.

    CCTV Operator Jobs – The Bottom Line

    The internet is your best friend when it comes to looking for security jobs these days. Companies large and small will advertise available positions online.

    In a way, you have made a great step just by reading this article. The internet is your best source of available CCTV operator jobs, and we have links directly to the latest listings here.

    What are you waiting for, click the link and start searching.

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  • Wolverhampton security guard robbed of full cashbox

    Aug 23 • News • 3562 Views

    Earlier today two robbers managed to steal a full cash box after pouncing on an unaware security guard. A ‘substantial sum of money’ has said to be stolen.

    The raid happened outside the Co-operative store in Fallings Park, Wolverhampton at 9.55am this morning.

    The security guard was left with minor injuries, and witnesses have come forward regarding the robbery, stating that two men fled the scene in a dark coloured car. They were wearing facemasks.

    The incident once again highlights the vigilance that all security guards must have, as a normal day at work can very quickly turn. For many working security guards, who often believe it will never happen to them – you can never ever be sure of that.

    The police quickly cordoned off the scene with forensic teams currently at the site. The police did manage to lockdown surrounding roads within a short time of the crime, however the robbers had already made their getaway.

    Hopefully CCTV may be able to help however. Camera footage has been taken and will be examined as part of the investigation.

    Detective Sergeant Nick Walton from Wolverhampton CID said: “At this time we do not believe any weapons were used and the guard received a minor injury and has been left shaken by this frightening ordeal.”

    A Co-operative spokesman said: “We are working with the police and would appeal for anyone with information to come forward.”

    Witnesses or anyone with any information are asked to call 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 111 555

    Are thoughts must go to the security guard who clearly went through a very frightening ordeal today. Thankfully the forced used was minimum. However, it serves as another reminder of the dangers of being a security guard, and what you must be prepared for when taking on such a role.

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  • law cash in transit robbery

    Cash-in-Transit Security Guard catches Robbers before they can Act

    Aug 21 • News • 4887 Views

    Two teens that faced prison sentences recently, were apprehended by an on-the-ball cash in transit security guard.

    The pair were seriously armed with an axe and machete and seemed intent on committing the robbery before they were foiled by the security driver.

    Johnzeb Anwar and Asad Quasim had face masks and balaclava when they were caught in the car park of a Lidl Supermarket in Bordesley Green.

    The cash-in-transit driver became suspicious when he noticed their green Peugeot car, as he had seen the same car parked close to his van between February 8 and 15 this year.

    The security guard called the police and his instincts were correct. After a quick search the police found the haul of weapons on the 19-year-old men.

    Quasim, of Ward End Park Road, Washwood Heath, was jailed for eight-years after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery and a firearms offence.

    Anwar, of Ludlow Road, Alum Rock, was jailed for eight-and-a-half years after also pleading guilty to a charge of burglary.

    This proves the importance of be aware of your surroundings as any type of security officer. This particular cash in transit security guard, from a mixture of training and experience had noticed the suspicious activity weeks before the 2 teens were about to commit their crime.

    If the guard had not the skills to notice and remember these details, the news story we are reporting could have been very different indeed. Who knows how far the teens were willing to go when carrying an axe and a machete. The cash in transit officer reported his suspicions and the decision to do so may very well have saved him from serious injury.

    The criminal law issue involved here is an interesting one. Judge Roderick Henderson concluded that the pair had planned to rob the security guard, but had got cold feet.

    “You were planning to rob him in due course,” said the judge, “but it makes a significant difference that you did not do it.

    “It seems to some extent you got cold feet and may never have done it.”

    attempted robbery

    Johnzeb Anwar and Asad Quasim

    Although the pair did not carry out the crime, there was criminal intent at some stage, and that proved enough for the Judge to pass quite a significant sentence – eight years in a young offenders institution.

    The judge explained the aggravating features in the case.

    “When the police got there the two of you were found in that car with a 20 inch blade, an axe and BB weapon, gloves, face coverings and a balaclava.”

    As we have already stated – if the pair had gone through with the crime, the circumstances could have quickly got out of hand considering the weapons they had brought with them.

    Harbinder Lally, the solicitor representing Anwar, said the 19-year-old had got into problems with a drug debt and that is why the robbery was planned. “He went off a slippery slope and got involved in Class A drugs.” The solicitor explained.

    Dean Kershaw, the solicitor representing Quasim, said: “The was clearly a drug debt owed but it was his choice.” Again the fact the crime did not take place is an overriding factor in the outcome. “Someone had a re-think and thought, “this is wrong, we can’t do this.” The lawyer said.

    For the sake of the cash-in-transit driver they were targeting, it is a very good thing that they did not.

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  • security guard stabbing

    Security Guard Stabbed at 99p Store

    Aug 18 • News • 3669 Views

    Yet another recent stabbing of a security guard that we are reporting on today. Although we are predominantly an SIA training website, we do think it is important to keep up-to-date with industry news for those that are currently working as a security officer.

    Furthermore, for those that are thinking about becoming security guards and are looking into training to be one, these news items at least give you an idea of the dangers involved in a security career.

    The incident in question occurred in Boscombe’s Sovereign Centre earlier this year, (2014). A man stabbed a security guard while he was on duty at a 99p store.

    Rajeshwar Bhinder, of Walpole Road, Boscombe pleaded guilty in court of the offence of wounding with intent. He attacked the security guard, a Mr Mamadou Diallo with an offensive weapon at the store on the 8th of May.

    No amount of security guard training can really prepare a person for an attack in broad day light in front of 100’s of shoppers such as what happened here.

    Horrified witnesses saw the security guard being stabbed before he collapsed to the ground, unable to move.

    Thankfully, the offender was quickly apprehended. Last Friday, 45-year-old Rajeshwar Bhinder, appeared at Bournemouth Crown Court, where he admitted the charges against him.

    However the attack on the security guard is being treated as mitigating, with the defence lawyer asking for the sentence to be adjourned while two psychiatric reports are prepared

    The judge agreed to this, with sentencing being postponed until a date in September.

    The security guard sustained injuries to his stomach and has been out of work for sometime.

    Again, incidents such as these show the dangers a security guard can find himself in while on the job. This is something you definitely need to think about before pursuing security guard training and attempting to gain your SIA licence.

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