• SIA Licence Training Courses in London Increased

    Aug 10 • News • 3192 Views

    Good news for those looking to pursue their SIA licence training in East London.

    Managing Director of the PTTC Training Company based in East London has announced the increased availability of a comprehensive range of SIA approved security and safety orientated courses, specifically designed to address the needs of individuals employed within the ever growing UK security & events industries.

    The company is offering a wide range of courses, including the popular SIA Door Supervisor course, SIA Security Guard Course and the CCTV operator course, inside their dedicated training facilities in London. PTTC boasts purpose built facilities designed specifically for the training of tomorrow’s security personnel.

    In a recent press release from Managing Director Mario Garcia, he states that “Our company ethos is to provide the learner with the highest quality training and service delivery, irrespective of our candidate’s background, skills or experience. We ensure that our programs will always be up to date, and delivered by sector qualified, competent and experienced trainers for the best possible learning experience.”

    The company has a good reputation in the area of professional training, having been in the game for over 10 years.

    Whilst their main focus is on training solutions to the public, they currently expanding their client base to include training security companies.

    Mr Garcia has worked in the security sector for over 30 years. The original reason he set up the company was to raise the standards of SIA licence training, with particular emphasis on private security and event stewarding. In his opinion, the quality of the training for door supervisors and security guards at that time, was not as it should be.

    Since then the SIA has obviously been established with its underlying impact across the security training as a whole.

    PTTC have continued to grow and now offer a wide range of training courses including first aid, fire awareness, health and safety and manual handling.

    To find out more about the company, their new facilities and courses in the East London area, head here.

    PTTC SIA Training

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  • Security Guard Assualted While working in Tesco

    Aug 8 • News • 6989 Views

    Yet another story that sees someone working in the field as a security guard being attacked for no reason at all. This does highlight the potential danger you place yourself in, every time you put on the uniform and go to work.

    In a Tesco Express store in Colliers Row, a security guard was punched repeatedly after he approached a couple in the store.

    couple attack security guard

    The incident took place on May 28, at around 9pm. The couple where exiting the Tesco store when the guard, who was on duty at the time asked them to stop.

    The pair began shouting abuse at the guard, and the man pushed him up against the glass door.

    A second man then joined in with the assault, kicked against the door with enough force for the glass to crack.

    The first man continued to assault the security guard by repeatedly punching him in the face and stomach. The guard also received cuts to his hands.

    The news story broke yesterday, as police have now released CCTV footage of the couple and the second male. The police are looking to speak to the 3 of them in connection with the assault, and have asked if anyone knows of the identity and whereabouts to come forward.

    The woman is described as 5ft 8in tall, in her thirties, and has should length black hair.

    Both males are described as European-looking and are around 5ft 10in tall with short black hair.

    If anyone lives in the area and has information they think might be useful they can call: Romford Police’s Community Safety Unit on 01708 779 110 quoting 5407942/14 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

    Unfortunately assaults like this are a common occurrence for security guards, (more so than on policeman, as those that carry out the attacks see guards as an easier victim). Anything we can do as an industry to help prevent such attacks should be looked into.

    Is the current SIA training of the standard to cope with such brutal ferocity when it occurs. As a security guard yourself, what would you have done differently?


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  • How to Become A Security Guard

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    You will find information all over the Hub on how to become a security guard. The type of SIA Training course you have to take, what’s on the course, and how to sign up to it. Even where to find the jobs after you have qualified.

    However, as this information is given through different articles and sections of the site, we thought it would be a good idea to try to round up some of the more vital info into one place.

    This is that place.

    The Roles of a Security Guard

    So what exactly does the average security guard do? We all have an idea, but it strict terms the following is what the SIA states as the job description for Security or Manned guarding:

    1. Guarding premises against unauthorised access or occupation, against outbreaks of disorder or against damage;
    2. Guarding property against destruction or damage, against being stolen or against being otherwise dishonestly taken or obtained;
    3. Guarding one or more individuals against assault or against injuries that might be suffered in consequence of the unlawful conduct of others.

    As you will already be aware, and maybe it’s the reason you are on this site in the first place, the basic role of the security guard is to protect property and the people within it, from criminal damage and/or injury.

    Part of the role can also be to provide surveillance. The most notable example is a security guard within shops. Here they are monitoring people for criminal behaviour, (ie shoplifting).

    If you are interested in becoming a security guard, you will need to be able to remain calm and maintain a clear head and composure in what might be stressful situations.

    You may find yourself in the middle of an emergency, such as a building fire and in the event everyone needs to evacuate, they will turn to you for guidance. You will need to be able to offer help and give instruction on the best possible way to avoid any danger.

    The role of the security guard is seen as one of the first steps on the career ladder within the security industry, however that is not to down play the level of responsibility the position will often carry.

    sia licence cardsThe SIA Licence For Security Guards

    So you’ve read the job description and you are interested in becoming a security guard.

    What are the next steps?

    Firstly, to work as a professional Security Guard in the UK you have to first be licensed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

    If you work as a security guard without this licence, you are in fact breaking the law. (And so will your employer!)

    Gaining Your SIA Licence

    An important first step is to check your eligibility to obtain an SIA licence. Not everyone can have one.

    All too often people fail to check their eligibility. Upon passing the course, (remember, the training provider will not conduct eligibility tests on your behalf), applicants have been declined the SIA licence due to failing the failed criminal record check.

    If this happens, you lose both the application fee and the expense and time you have spent on passing the course.

    The best and surest way of checking your eligibility to become licensed as a security guard is to use the SIA Criminal Record Indicator.

    Also, you should consider the following:

    • You must be over 18 years of age
    • You must be eligible to work in the UK
    • Long working hours (a typical security guard shift is 12 hours)
    • Can be a very lonely job
    • Pay can vary between minimum wage and £15 per hour (although most Security Guarding jobs pay at the lower end of this scale)
    • Need a reasonable level of fitness

    SIA Licence Checker Online

    Searching For a Training Provider

    If you pass the above requirements, obtaining your licence is very easy these days. There are hundreds of SIA recognised training course providers all over the UK. (Search for a SIA Course here).

    You should always do your research when choosing an SIA training provider. Make sure they are recognised by the SIA for a start.

    Do not succumb to choosing the first, cheapest training provider you come across that happens to be in your area. While this may seem convenient to begin with, it won’t be if the training is not up to scratch.

    Traveling that little bit further can make all the difference in the aim of finding the right provider for you. You need to be confident in your training, as this is the foundation of your new career.

    Online reviews and research go a long way. Make sure you conduct proper research on any training provider that you are considering. Make sure you are 100% happy with the company you choose!

    sia trainingThe SIA Training Course for Security Guards

    Once you have decided on which Security Company you will take your training with, you will be taken through at least 27 hours of face-to-face learning.

    The 3 main areas covered on the security guard training course are:

    • Working in the Private Security Industry
    • Working as a Security Guard
    • Conflict Management for the Private Security Industry

    At the end of the course you will sit an exam. Some training providers can give you your results straight away. Upon passing the course you will be able to apply for your SIA Licence.

    Applying for the SIA Licence for Security Guards

    At this stage you simply request an application pack by calling the SIA or visiting their website here. There is also the £220 non-refundable fee that needs to be paid.

    As long as you have no criminal history, (criminal checks can hold up applications greatly) the waiting period is generally only a few weeks from sending off your application and receiving the SIA licence through the post.

    Armed with your brand new SIA badge you can start looking for a job as a security guard.

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  • Security Guard attacked in Basingstoke

    Jul 30 • News • 3794 Views

    A cash-in-transit security guard in Basingstoke was attacked yesterday, (July 29th) while delivering money to a cash machine.

    The attack and robbery took place at 8.20am morning at the Basingstoke Leisure Park. With it being during rush hour, police are hopeful that there were some witnesses to the scene and are obviously keen for anyone with information to come forward.

    The robbery was successful, with the security guard being attacked, the cash box grappled from his person and the offender being driven away in a car.

    Police have given a statement that the security guard suffered minor injuries.

    Officers are appealing for witnesses to the robbery, particularly to passengers on a bus that was in the area when it took place.

    Albeit the developments in cash-in-transit security, robberies of this nature are still an alarmingly regular occurance. Our news story yesterday was all about a guard who was attacked last year and recently received an award for his bravery. (In that incident the assailant did not manage to pry the cash box from the security guards hands)

    Cash in transit officers will continue to be a target for would-be robbers, who see the crime as an easy way to make some fast money.

    In the Basingstoke case the police, nor the bank or security company have stated anything about the nature of the cash stolen, ie how much, and what protective measures may have been in place within the cash box.

    Ink infusion, or the exploding glue mechanisms may have been deployed, therefore destroying the money inside once the box is tampered with.

    Lets hope that the authorities manage to catch the criminals soon.

    If you are cash-in-transit officer, stories such as this really do remind you just how important it is to be aware. No one can have eyes in the back of their head, but with the number of attacks showing no signs of abating, it is necessary to be as careful as you can be while on the job.

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  • Loomis Van

    Cash-in-transit Security Guard Receives Award

    Jul 29 • News • 3383 Views

    It is always good to celebrate and bring attention to those that act above and beyond the call of duty while working as a security guard

    Earlier this month, security guard Nick Lyons was presented with a prestigious award from the British Security Industry Association (BSIA)

    Mr Lyons received the award due to his bravery following an incident where he was attacked while on duty as a cash-in-transit courier.

    Nick had been working for Loomis when the incident took place, and had been working there for a number of years. The attack occurred in the spring of 2013, during a routine cash drop.

    The assailant approached the cash in transit officer from behind, before assaulting him.

    In an act of extreme bravery, Nick maintained his grab on the cash box through out the attack.

    Nick finally managed to break free of the offender and placed himself and the cash box into a position of security. At this point the offender had no choice but to flee empty handed.

    Head of Risk for Loomis UK Limited, Robert Johnson, had nothing but praise for Nick’s conduct throughout the attack. “Thankfully, Nick was not injured during the attack and to some extent this is due to his previous experience when under attack, the ongoing training that is delivered to our crews and his quick thinking in bringing the incident to a satisfactory conclusion.

    “Nick is a very experienced and solid member of the team that always acts in a professional manner. He is a respected by managers and colleagues alike, works well under pressure and has proven that he can be relied upon during the most stressful and traumatic of situations.”

    Baroness Smith of Basildon presented the special award to Nick. The ceremony was held at the British Security Industry Association’s Annual Luncheon, earlier this July in London.

    After receiving the award, Nick said “Thank you very much for recognising me for this award. Raids are part of the job – they are something I’ve learnt to deal with, otherwise I wouldn’t still be doing the job 25 years on”.

    And we couldn’t agree with his comments more. Raids are part of the job, and anyone pursuing a career in cash in transit needs to be aware of this. Nevertheless, this does not detract from the bravery that Nick exhibited in the midst of such an experience.

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  • A Reason to Keep Your CCTV Equipment up to date

    Jul 28 • News • 2829 Views

    If you are a security company and your CCTV infrastructure is out of date, or maybe you are a CCTV SIA trained operator, and working in conditions where the technology clearly needs up dating, take heed of this particular news story and sort the situation as soon as you can.

    Today, Police in Kent have reported that an investigation into a theft from a station car park has been obstructed by the fact the CCTV footage was recorded onto VHS.

    The now extremely out-dated technology meant that all footage from cameras monitoring Headcorn petrol station and its surroundings was of too poor a quality to be used in the investigation.

    The situation came to light after company director David Hart reported the spare wheel on the back of his Land Rover had been stolen.

    If you have CCTV equipment on your premises it is vital you keep it up to date

    If you have CCTV equipment on your premises it is vital you keep it up to date

    After reporting the crime, the police obtained the CCTV footage only to discover that it was mostly unviewable.

    Although Mr Hart was not worried about the stolen spare wheel, he did state concern at the fact the CCTV was in the state that it was. If something more serious had occurred, such as an assault or worse, the CCTV security in place would not have helped at all.

    “You are under the impression you are safe because of these cameras but you are not. It is a joke.” Mr Hart said.

    In a reaction to the report, and public reaction, a Southeastern spokesman has said an up-to-date DVR – high quality digital – is due to be installed in the coming weeks.

    The spokesman also said: “We are currently in the process of updating CCTV across our network.”

    “While Headcorn has yet to benefit, we are confident the system in place captures footage that can be used to help investigations, and that the presence of the cameras provides a more secure environment.”

    A British Transport Police spokesman said: “Unfortunately, we have experienced issues with the CCTV at Headcorn station, and were unable to view footage from this incident.

    The lesson to learn here, is that if you do not keep your CCTV equipment up to date, it is more or less the same as not having any CCTV equipment at all.

    The police require usable footage that is as clear as possible. With today’s CCTV technology you can certainly obtain superior security footage that can be used in a police investigation to successfully secure a conviction. Coupled with the operation of a qualified CCTV security officer, and you can have a sophisticated security monitoring system.

    VHS recording does not have a place in this equation anymore. As this event so plainly demonstrates.

    For more information on this story, head to Kent Online:

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  • New Close Protection Course & Training in Birkenhead

    Jul 25 • News • 4022 Views

    Primarius Ltd has announced earlier this month that they will be offering people in the North West of England the opportunity for close protection training.

    For those interested, the new course will begin on the 15th of September 2014 and will run 7 days a week until the 4th October 2014. A total of 19 days for the intensive close protection course, taking place in Birkenhead.

    Primarius is an SIA approved training provider based in the area. Both directors of the company have a background in close protection. With combined operational experience in Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, South America, Europe and the UK, Primarius certainly have the expertise to deliver on the new course.

    The training will take place in their new offices in Hamilton Street in Birkenhead, making it very convenient for those living Wirral and Merseyside area.

    Like all good close protection courses, the programme is designed to give students the grounding and knowledge they will need to be successful security operatives working in the field.

    The Directors have also stated that women are most welcome on the course, “as there is currently a big demand for female security personnel.”

    A number of key areas are covered within the course. These include:

    • Operational Planning
    • Venue-based security
    • Threat and risk assessment
    • Surveillance awareness
    • Close protection teamwork
    • Close protection foot techniques
    • Route selection
    • Close protection vehicle techniques
    • Search awareness
    • Law and legislation
    • Incidents and dilemmas
    • Communication and conflict managing skills.

    For further information on the modules available head here.

    close protection training

    After successfully completing the course, the normal procedure applies and students will be able to apply their close protection licence from the Security Industry Authority (SIA)

    The BTEC and EdExcel-accredited programme costs a total of £2,250, and is payable in advance. (Payments can be made before the course in installments, however the balance must be paid prior to the start of training.)

    For more information on Primarius close protection course and training, and to find out how to enrol, you can contact the company on 07760 631571 or email harry.g@primarius.co.

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  • security guard catches baby

    Security Guard Catches Baby at Airport

    Jul 24 • News • 3121 Views

    Okay, so this is an old news item, however the video deserves a link on the Hub.

    Whatever was this guy thinking, balancing his baby on the edge of the table like that.

    Anyway, this just goes to show that you never know when you might be called into action as a security guard. It is clear that this particular security guard must have been watching the baby in order to react that quickly. He had seen that there was potential for the baby to fall, and he was ready to act if when the baby fell.

    You can take this philosophy to your own job as a security guard. That element of being ready for anything, to be aware of your surroundings and to finally to be in the right place at the right time.

    The dive to catch the little one is most impressive, it’s a pity the CCTV camera wasn’t better positioned, (were they remote control? Could the CCTV operator have been witnessing the action too?)

    It is a wonder how the footage made the local news, (and then global news after a few networks picked up on it).

    The event actually took place in Katowice Airport in Poland at the end of 2013, (like we say, we realise this is old news now).

    The security guards name was Grzegorz Paczko. Apparently he had never played rugby in his life, or cricket for that matter. However, he was certainly nimble enough to get to the baby fast enough.

    He stated that a financial reward to end up his way for saving the baby like that. His response was that it was all in the line of duty as a security guard. Congratulations to Grzegorz – an inspiration to all security guards out there.

    If you know of any incidents where a security guard has done something quite spectacular, or you may be a guard yourself and have an interesting incident that goes beyond what you normally come across, then please send us the details.

    Security guard training can only go so far – there certainly isn’t a module on catching babies. However, the training is designed to prepare you for the unexpected.

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  • In what circumstances does a SIA Licence for CCTV Operation apply?

    Jul 14 • CCTV Operations, SIA Licence • 42990 Views

    A question that comes up all too often regarding the operation of CCTV cameras, is in what exact circumstances does a specific CCTV operator SIA licence apply? Who has to have one?

    In some circumstances a door supervisor may conduct all front line duties associated with that specific role, however a camera may be fitted to the entrance to the club. The door supervisor will view this footage. Where does this officer stand in relation to the level of their SIA licence?

    sia licence cardsThe SIA take the following stance when it comes to CCTV licensing:

    A CCTV operator licence is required where a security operative uses CCTV equipment that is either placed into fixed positions or has a pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) facility.

    A CCTV Licence is Required where the Operator has to carry out any of the following:

    SIA Licence & CCTV Camera Operation

    A CCTV licence is not necessary where cameras are used and monitored in the following scenarios:
    • Where cameras are used to solely identify intruders/trespassers onto a site and to monitor intruders/trespassers activities on that site; and/or
    • For the protection of buildings and/or vehicles against theft or damage to the actual premises or property and not for the specific monitoring of members of the general public.

    If your employer is placing you in a position to do some of the above tasks that fall within the remit of a licensed CCTV Operator, (and you do not have the relevant SIA training) do not be afraid to speak up. If they are aware that you have an insufficient licence then the onus is on them to place you through the relevant training, (and essentially, prevent you from undertaking such tasks until you have the required license).

    Do not allow yourself to fall into trouble by taking responsibility outside the limits of your SIA licence. You will be held liable as a result.

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  • Fire Arm Training - Further SIA Training

    Beyond the Close Protection SIA Training Course

    Jul 5 • Close Protection Officer, Training • 8944 Views

    In this article we are going to have a look at what courses are available to you, once you have passed the initial SIA Training course in Close Protection. Simply passing the entry course and obtaining your SIA licence may not be enough in the competitive world of Close Protection; there are many more skills you will need to acquire to really excel in this dynamic sector.

    Below are the mandatory elements of close protection you will have learnt in order to successfully apply for your SIA licence.

    Mandatory SIA Training Elements
    • Introduction to the roles and responsibilities of the close protection operative
    • Threat and risk assessment
    • Surveillance awareness
    • Operational planning
    • Law and legislation
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Close protection team work
    • Reconnaissance
    • Close protection foot techniques
    • Route selection
    • Use of close protection vehicle techniques
    • Search awareness
    • Incidents and dilemmas
    • Venue based security
    • Communication and conflict management skills

    So what’s next? The fantastic aspect of a career in close protection is that you will continue to learn throughout the rest of your working life.

    Here is a selection of the courses you can take once you have completed your initial SIA training.

    advanced driving close protection training

    Level 3 Advanced Driver Training including RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents)

    Advanced Driving CourseTaking the additional Level 3 driving course will significantly improve your driving skills and risk management on the road. All close protection work will involve professional level driving at some point. Moving the principle from one place to the next is often when they are most at risk. In view of this, the course covers driving techniques used by UK Police in Royalty Protection and Pursuit Driving.

    Typical course content includes:
    • System of Car Control Overtaking
    • Parking & Manoeuvring
    • Positioning
    • Cornering
    • Motorway Driving
    • Personal Safety & Security
    • Observation & Hazard Perception
    • Highway Code and Motoring Matters

    This training option is obviously beneficial for anyone wanting to specialise as a Close Protection Driver. The course will give you a qualification proving a high standard of driving and will certainly make you more attractive to potential employers.

    handgun firearms close protection training

    ASAA Intermediate Firearms Training

    True, firearms training does not play any part in SIA licensing requirements for close protection. Furthermore, if you are working in the UK you will not be allowed to carry firearms as part of your job.

    However, the exciting reality about close protection work is that you never know where the job may take you. If you begin working for a client who spends a lot of time abroad, in countries where it is possible to carry a firearm, then this course will definitely reap benefits.

    Also, you may actually take a position (such as hostile environment close protection) where you will be permanently based outside the UK. Again, having taken this training course, doors are open to you.

    Prospective employers will look at your CV and will see that you have obtained further skills than the next potential candidate. Much like any other industry the more skills you have the more employable you will be.

    There is one minor issue associated with a course such as this however. They are an expensive commitment. UK law dictates that firearms training to such a level cannot be carried out within the United Kingdom. Training providers offering this course have to fly you out to countries such as Switzerland. This therefore is reflected in the course price.

    However, such training will give you a certification from the ASAA in respect of their Intermediate Handgun Course. As an internationally recognized award it will give you all the benefits of employability we have listed above.

    No previous experience of firearms is required in order to take the course, and most training providers will include flights, food and accommodation, all ammunition and equipment hire, with the training being conducted within a licensed firing range. (Check with your chosen provider what exactly is included however)

    close protection training firearms

    Typical Training Modules Include:
    • History & Introduction
    • First Aid for Gunshot Wounds
    • Rules of weapon handling
    • Naming of parts
    • Weapon familiarization operation and mechanical function
    • Stance, position and grip technique
    • Loading & Unloading drills
    • Sight picture and aiming including target and multiple target engagement
    • Drawing and re-holstering drills
    • Tactical reloads, speed reload, and stoppage drills
    • Stances: standing, kneeling, lying
    • Close quarter combat drills

    Level 3 Maritime Security Operative (MSO)

    Maritime Security SIA Licence HubThere is a new City & Guilds qualification that enables individuals to apply for Maritime Security Operative Positions (MSO).

    A Maritime Security Operator (MSO) is an interesting area of security with more opportunities becoming available. An MSO is responsible for the protection of commercial shipping vessels that work in high-risk piracy areas.

    Although pitched at Level 3, the course is designed for those that have limited experience in the maritime security (Anti-Piracy) sector. It is soon to be fully approved by the MCA (Maritime & Coastguard Agency), and while offering great insight into the role of a maritime security operator, it will become the qualification of choice for those that want to enter this sector.

    Course Syllabus

    The City & Guilds qualification contains the following modules on what is generally a 4-day course.

    • Understand the Maritime Security Industry
    • Understand Maritime Security Pre-Deployment Planning and Procedures
    • Understand Maritime Security Operating Procedures
    • Understand Maritime Incident Management and Post Operational Procedures

    As always, check details with your course provider as the syllabus is constantly evolving to maintain relevance with current threats and trends from pirate action groups.

    If you are a SIA training provider that holds any of the above courses, you get in touch re advertising opportunities on this page, (or elsewhere on the site) by sending us an email at info@sialicencehub.co.uk or head to the contact page.

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